Expert Shares Insane Trick for Getting Free Popeyes Every Day

A TikTok user has surprised viewers by sharing a clever money-saving tip for visiting Popeyes, as he claims to receive free chicken every day.

In early July, TikToker @glazedpoxy posted a video of themselves enjoying a complimentary full meal from Popeyes. “Want free chicken from Popeyes?”they asked their viewers, before sharing their easy trick for scoring free food.

The video then showed him inside the restaurant, conversing with someone off-camera. He inquired about the most inexpensive items on the menu.

“The employee informed him that the most affordable item on the menu was one sauce, which cost 29 cents per packet. He then asked, “May I please have one sauce?”


Replying to @Glamber Free Chicken. Menu Food Hack, #popeyeschicken #popeyes #menuhack #freefood for this food havk go into your local popeyes ask to purchase a sauce. Next take the reciept and go do the servey. Then go buy a large drink and get 2 free chickens and biscut. Total spend ahould be around $3.60

♬ original sound – The Milehams

Upon purchasing his sauce, Mileham received the bill and proceeded to hold the sauce up to the camera before flipping the receipt to reveal the back.

“As he explained, the offer included two pieces of chicken and a biscuit with the purchase of a large drink.”

“Next, we need to obtain this code.”He looked at the instructions on the back of the promotional receipt, which explained how customers could redeem their complimentary meal.

“According to the video, to try this food hack, simply visit your nearby Popeyes and request to buy a sauce. Afterwards, use the receipt to complete a survey. Then, purchase a large drink and receive two free chicken pieces and a biscuit. The total cost for this should be approximately $3.60.”

In response to the semi-viral video, one viewer commented, “I’ve mentioned this before – people are overlooking the potential rewards from fast food receipts and apps. And let’s not even get started on the amazing free birthday offers!”

During a financially difficult summer, another person shared that they made a daily routine of going to Burger King in order to receive a free whopper.

In addition to Popeyes, McDonald’s has also gained viral attention with the announcement of a new ice cream flavor, which has been met with enthusiasm from fans.

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