Explanation of the Apex Legends Battle Pass changes in Season 22

Respawn Entertainment has announced major updates to the Battle Pass system in Apex Legends, resulting in a complete overhaul of how players will acquire and enjoy the cosmetic pass.

The upcoming Season 22 will introduce a new Battle Pass that includes a Premium+ choice and a revised price. Below are all the important details you should be aware of.

Battle Pass Updates

  • Each season will now have two 60 Tier Battle Pass splits instead of one 110 Tier pass for the entire season.
  • The rewards that were less popular in previous passes have been eliminated.
  • The Battle Pass cost has been lowered and a new Premium+ option is now available.
  • The purchase of the Battle Pass with Apex Coins is no longer possible.

The Apex Legends blog contains a lot more information to unpack, but these are the primary modifications that will be implemented in Season 22 for the Battle Pass system.

Battle Pass Pricing and Rewards

  • Free
    • Rewards:
      • 200 Apex Coins
      • 7 Apex Packs
      • 1 Epic set
      • More
  • Premium
    • Price:
      • £8.99/$9.99
    • Rewards:
      • 2,400 Crafting Metals
      • 1,300 Apex Coins
      • 10 Exotic Shards
      • Various Apex Packs
      • 1 Reactive and 1 Legendary Weapon Skin
      • 2 Legendary and 3 Epic Legend skins
      • 7 Epic weapon skins
      • More
  • Premium+
    • Price:
      • £17.99/$19.99
    • Rewards:
      • 10 Tiers
      • 2 Premium+ Legendary skin variants (exclusive for one year)
      • 10 Exotic Shards
      • All Legends playable for the duration of the Battle Pass
      • Premium Track rewards
      • More
apex legends new and old battle pass systems being compared
Respawn Entertainment

The new Battle Pass system will bring the Premium+ offering.

The Premium+ Track has taken the place of the previously discontinued Premium Battle Pass bundle, which provided additional Apex Coins for tier skips.

It is worth mentioning that the Battle Pass can no longer be bought with Apex Coins and can only be purchased with real money. The developers have stated that this was not an easy decision, but it enables them to lower the cost of Premium+.

In addition to revamping the Battle Pass, Season 22 is expected to unveil a new map, rumored to be called District, and a major update to Lifeline’s abilities.

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