Suggestions for Downloading the Best Mods for The Sims 4 in 2024

Mods are an excellent method of improving a game, as they add more customization options, technical enhancements, and exciting features. To enhance your Sims 4 experience even further, here are the top mods for the year 2024.

The Sims 4 has experienced extensive growth with the addition of more than 40 expansions, kits, and game packs, including the Horse Ranch expansion. These additions enhance the existing content and provide players with fresh ways to experience the game.

Gameplay mods in The Sims 4 not only offer new content for players to enjoy, but they also have the ability to significantly revamp elements of the game, such as the emotions system and UI improvements. With a vast selection of mods available, it can be challenging to determine which ones to incorporate into your game.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top Sims 4 mods to continue using in 2024 and beyond.

The Sims 4 Best Mods for Extra Gameplay

Expanded Mermaids

Despite the introduction of the fan-favorite Occult with the Island Living Expansion Pack, many Simmers were thrilled at the opportunity to become a mermaid. However, the gameplay for mermaids, while incredible, is rather shallow.

The life state in SpinningPlumbobs now has an expanded range of abilities, such as diving for and consuming kelp, sleeping beneath the ocean surface, and exploring the deeper depths of the ocean at higher fitness skill levels. This allows for the acquisition of rare fish and other intriguing items.

The mod also includes Kelpies and Sea Witches, providing the Sim with one-of-a-kind interactions and potent spells.

Creator SpinningPlumbobs
Download link Here
Expanded Mermaids
EA / Maxis

Expanded Mermaids deepens the rather limited gameplay loop for Mermaids.

Fanart Maps

Although it was previously taken off our list of top mods for The Sims 4 because the download was temporarily unavailable, it has made a comeback — and this map menu mod for various neighborhoods in the game can bring a fresh perspective to the gameplay.

With a variety of options to download, including Willow Creek, Evergreen Harbor, and a remastered map for Newcrest, you have the freedom to select which ones you would like to include in your game. It is important to mention that not all of TS4’s worlds have available maps.

Creator Shayan Horbank & Angel Adrian Treviño
Download link Here

PlantSim Lives: The Story of a Plant-Like Creature

Whether you enjoy the PlantSim scenario in The Sims 4 or simply miss the nostalgia of The Sims 2, SrslySims offers a one-stop solution with their comprehensive mod.

Although PlantSims are available in The Sims 4 as part of the Base Game, they can only be temporarily transformed. Eventually, they will revert back to a regular Sim. However, with the use of this mod, your Sims can continue living as PlantSims for the rest of their lives. Additionally, you now have the freedom to choose any hair style for your PlantSims, as opposed to being limited to one green style in the default version of this occult.

This mod is essential for those who enjoy occult life states, as it includes new features such as ‘Complain About Aphids’ and ‘Go on a Nature Walk’ in addition to new options for food, drinks, and tattoos in CAS, allowing you to showcase your unique plant-inspired style.

Creator SrslySims
Download link Here
A Plant Sim in The Sims 4
EA / Maxis

SrslySim’s PlantSim Lives lets your Sims photosynthesize to the fullest.

SimDa Dating App

Are you interested in bringing a touch of modern romance into your Sims’ world? Then you should definitely check out the SimDa Dating App by LittleMsSam. This fantastic mod offers various choices for your Sims to go on a specific date, a blind date, and even includes exciting add-ons like new aspirations and holiday traditions. This is the perfect way to enhance your Sim’s storytelling possibilities and create a unique and captivating story for them.

Creator LittleMsSam
Download link Here

MC Command Center

Without a doubt, Deaderpool’s MC Command Center is one of the most popular mods for The Sims 4, and for good reason. It offers extensive control over various functionalities, making it a must-have for players.

This mod is essential for any player as it offers a variety of features such as eliminating the need to manually input cheat codes, providing an effortless way to earn money, increase skill points, and adjust relationships. Furthermore, you can also fine-tune population settings, restrict undesirable outfits worn by NPCs, and even give them a complete makeover.

The game also incorporates a form of narrative development, enabling unplayed Sims to marry and start families without the player’s direct involvement. It also offers the option to relocate homeless Sims to unoccupied lots.

There are additional optional modules available for download, allowing you to customize your game with exactly what you desire without any unnecessary elements. This makes it a suitable choice for everyone.

Creator Deaderpool
Download link Here
Sims 4 MC Command Center
EA / Maxis

MC Command Center has many different functions and can be accessed from PC, Sim, and Mailbox pie menus.

Playable Pets

Want to have full control over the pets in your household? This free mod for The Sims 4 allows you to do exactly that! Playable Pets enables you to direct your Sim’s pets and guide their actions.

Although pet Sims may not have as many interactions as their Human and occult counterparts, there are still plenty of options available in this mod that make it a necessary addition for households with pets.

Creator AOM
Download link Here
Playable Pets Sims 4 gameplay
EA / Maxis

This mod adds the option of controlling pets in your household.

The Best Sims 4 Mods for Enhanced Visuals

Classic Camera

For those who have been playing The Sims since its initial release, you may find yourself longing for the isometric-style camera featured in the first game. Fortunately, the Classic Camera mod, developed by VictorAndrade, is available to fulfill your nostalgia. This mod brings a touch of the early-2000s to The Sims 4 by adjusting the camera perspective to resemble the one used in the original game.

This feature can easily be activated or deactivated as desired, and its settings can also be customized to suit your preferences. Additionally, it automatically turns off when in CAS or Build/Buy mode, allowing you to use these modes without any interruptions.

Although the mod caused an issue with displaying walls correctly, excluding the items on the walls, we strongly suggest trying it out in your own game. It perfectly complements the game’s aesthetic and successfully captures the nostalgic feeling of The Sims 1.

Creator VictorAndrade
Download link Here
A screenshot of The Sims 4 showing the Classic Camera mod
EA / Maxis

VictorAndrade’s Classic Camera mod emulates an isometric, The Sims-style camera very well.

UI Cheats Extension

Are you tired of constantly having to enter cheats manually every time you start the game? Modder Weerbesu has the perfect solution for you.

Creator Weather forecast
Download link Here

The Sims 4 Best Mods for Realism

Meaningful Stories

This gameplay mod, created by roBurky, completely overhauls the existing mood and emotion system in The Sims 4. Its goal is to enhance the realism of Sims’ emotions, ensuring that they experience a full range of feelings rather than quickly switching between them. The mod introduces subtle changes to the emotions, allowing Sims to also experience the transitional states between different emotions.

Meaningful Stories is ideal for those who enjoy a slightly more difficult gameplay experience. With this mod, Sims are no longer automatically ‘happy’, which means that events like finding a new partner have a greater impact on their emotional state.

The predictability of their moods has decreased, however, they have become more consistent. Additionally, the strength of moodlets received can now vary, requiring closer attention and quicker reactions to manage negative moods.

Creator burkas
Download link Here

Slice of Life

Looking to add a touch of individuality to your Sims? With Slice of Life, you can choose from 16 different personalities based on Myers-Briggs to impact your Sims’ daily lives. From their interests to their overall mood, these personalities add a unique touch to your Sims’ experiences.

In addition to providing the Slice of Life feature, this free mod also offers packs like ‘My Phone Pack’, ‘My Health Pack’, and ‘My Beauty Pack’. These packs include features such as makeup skills and wearable perfume or cologne, elevating The Sims 4 to a whole new level.

Creator KawaiiStacie
Download link Here
Slice of Life Sims 4
EA / Maxis

The Slice of Life is highly customizable, with different packs available to download.

Road to Romance

If you’re hoping to add a bit more love to your Sims’ lives, then this mod is the perfect solution. It introduces a new skill, Romance, and a new mood, Affectionate, which completely changes the dynamics of love in the game. As your Sims work their way through this skill, they will face challenges in their romantic relationships and experience new moodlets.

As you make progress in this new skill, your Sims will gain brand new interactions, transforming them into master schmoozers. These interactions include ‘Charm the Room’ and the ability to express love to others.

Additionally, you have the option to bring your Sims to couples’ therapy and participate in virtual dates! The Road to Romance mod is ideal for any storyteller.

Creator Lumpina
Download link Here

Complete Cooking Overhaul

Srsly Sims has significantly transformed the cooking experience in The Sims 4 by introducing more immersion. In addition to the existing items, players can now shop for groceries, including delicious options like ramen and Poptarts. The new feature also allows for displaying items in retail stores for added realism.

The recipes have been updated to require a more realistic quantity of each ingredient. As a result, your Sims can now cook dishes that were previously unavailable for homemade preparation, such as Pizza or experimental recipes. The variety of custom recipes available will surely make your mouth water in no time.

To enhance gameplay, this mod adds the option to store fruit in bowls, keep bread in designated bread bins, and restrict inventory sharing among various storage items. It is a fantastic addition to any Simmer’s virtual world, injecting fresh excitement into the experience.

Creator SrslySims
Download link Here
Ingredients in Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul mod in The Sims 4
EA / Maxis / Srsly Sims

Love cooking and want a ton of new features? Look no further than this mod.

Farmland mod

If you’re longing for the open-world aspect of The Sims 3, the Farmland mod, available for free, is the perfect solution. Renowned Mod creator, Arnie, has managed to transform the Sable Square neighborhood in Brindleton Bay into something truly amazing.

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs still offers its typical 5 lots in a semi-open world, but the surrounding area has been enlarged to include new open venues like graveyards, supermarkets, a jazz bar, and parks. These can now be explored without the need for loading screens.

This mod is the perfect complement to Cottage Living, offering sprawling farmland with rich soil for cultivating crops and raising livestock, including rideable horses, sheep, and pigs available for purchase.

One can also participate in a Story Mode where they assist George and his wife Adele by fulfilling tasks and unraveling the mystery behind the fire that destroyed their farm.

Arnie has also introduced a World Edit feature to the area, making it the perfect time to immerse yourself in this mod and see for yourself.

Creator Arnie
Download link Here
Farmland mod Sims 4
EA / Maxis

From purchasable plots of land to a story mode and even new animal types, this mod is essential for any Sims fan.

The Sims 4: Top mods for creating characters

Stand Still in CAS

The animations in CAS for The Sims 4 can often be quite frustrating, but two mods that were previously outdated from Shimrod101 and Shooksims have been recently updated by MizoreYukii on ModTheSims.

There are three versions available for selection, each with its unique CAS pose. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. The third option only makes minor adjustments by eliminating the bothersome animations associated with the Occult life state.

Creator CruelYukii
Download link Here

More Columns in CAS

Are you someone who hoards custom content, owning all of the packs or both? Do you find yourself scrolling endlessly through a long list of clothing and hair in search of what you want?

Weerbesu’s mod, ‘More Columns in CAS’, enables the expansion of the default columns to 3, 4, or 5 columns according to your preference.

Creator Weather forecast
Download link Here
CAS Stand Still More Columns
EA / Maxis

There are plenty of mods to further improve your experience in CAS.

Old School CAS Room

Those who are familiar with the older Sims games will recall the room that was present in titles such as The Sims Bustin’ Out or The Sims 2 and 3. Unlike the plain, colored background found in the fourth and first versions of the game, the earlier titles incorporated a physical room where players could create their Sims.

The primary goal of this mod is to reintroduce the nostalgic feature to the game. It offers a variety of choices for the colors of the walls and doors in the room, allowing you to slightly personalize the backdrop according to your preferences.

Creator Littledica
Download link Here
Sims 4 CAS room mod
EA / Maxis

This mod brings back a little bit of old-school to The Sims CAS mode.

CAS Lighting – City Light

Are you a frequent photographer in The Sims? Utilizing Create a Sim can provide the perfect opportunity to capture a breathtaking headshot of your beloved Sim. However, there are some lighting modifications that can elevate these shots without requiring extensive editing. One of the standout options is SimplyAnjuta’s ‘City Light’ variant.

This mod will cast a soft glow of red and purple around your Sim, enabling you to capture stunning shots that your Sim would be proud to showcase in their home.

Creator SimplyAnjuta
Download link Here
A sdcreenshot of a Sim in Create a Sim with the City Light mod
EA / Maxis

Overhauling the default lighting in CAS, this mod is perfect for taking gorgeous screenshots.

Luumia CAS Overhaul

It is common knowledge among devoted Sims followers that Luumia has been a crucial contributor to The Sims 4 community, offering skin replacements, revamped lighting, and filling in for absent elements such as body hair.

This mod strives to enhance the visual aspect of CAS by including a subtle backlight around your Sims and implementing a new lighting system that creates a sense of depth for both Sims and Pets.

Within CAS, there is a diverse selection of backgrounds, ranging from soft, gradient shades of pink to a chroma blue or green that is particularly beneficial for enhancing photographs.

Creator plums
Download link Here

The Best Mods for Construction in The Sims 4

Better BuildBuy

Are you looking for a way to browse items by their color or enable hidden debug items in the game’s catalog? Look no further than Better BuildBuy. While the most noticeable feature is the ability to view more items in the catalog at once, there are also many other additions to enhance your experience.

In Live Mode, you have the option to display or conceal Maxis and custom content, adjust lighting colors, and apply filters that categorize each kit or showcase Live Edit items (items that appear in various worlds within the game).

Creator TwistedMexi
Download link Here
Better Build Buy
EA / Maxis

Better Build/Buy includes a tonne of features to make things easier for decorators and builders.

OMSP Shelf

This mod by Picture Amobae is ideal for people who want to add clutter to their homes. It allows you to place a movable ‘shelf’ against any wall, whether it be on kitchen counters, shelves, or even fridges.

When in Build/Buy mode, the shelf stands out from any surface you place it on, making it much simpler to reposition. You can then hide the shelf, giving the appearance that you have directly placed the items on the chosen surface.

Creator PictureAmoebae
Download link Here
A kitchen in The Sims 4 using the OMSP shelf mod
EA / Maxis

Clutter up your homes with this fantastic little shelf mod.

Photographic Memory Photo Spawner

For those who want to customize their Sims’ homes with a personal touch, this mod is perfect. Instead of using framed photos, Ravasheen’s mod allows you to display frameless versions of photos your Sims have taken, whether from your inventory or ones found in the world.

After placing them in Live mode or Build/Buy, you have the option to customize the placement of strips of tape or push pins to secure them in place. Additionally, there is a mod available for the corkboard featured in the image above, allowing you to hang the prints in a stylish manner.

Creator Ravasheen
Download link Here
The Photographic Memory Spawner mod shown in game
EA / Maxis / YouTube: RAVASHEEN CC

Create lovely little photo collages to give your Sims’ homes a more personal touch.

Shiftable Mirrors

Although mirrors are a simple concept, they cannot be hung on walls like paintings. However, with Picture Amobae’s mod, you are able to place mirrors wherever you desire.

You have the option to select a combined package that activates the capabilities of all mirrors in each pack, or to separately download them if you do not possess all of them.

Creator PictureAmoebae
Download link Here
Shiftable Mirrors Picture Amobae
EA / Maxis

Now you can place mirrors exactly where you want them!


Are you looking for complete control over objects outside of your lot in The Sims 4? Look no further than TOOL, created by TwistedMexi. This mod, which stands for Takes Object Off Lot, allows builders to have complete creative freedom in shaping their lots to their desired vision.

This mod offers a multitude of features that allow builders to have complete control over their creations. With the ability to rotate, resize, elevate, and relocate objects within and outside of your current lot, it is a dream come true for those seeking a higher level of precision in bringing their vision or story to life. Additionally, the option to replace apartment windows with entirely new ones adds even more possibilities for customization.

Additionally, with Better BuildBuy, you have the option to use it in build mode instead of being limited to only using it in Live Mode.

Creator TwistedMexi
Download link Here

How to Download and Install The Sims 4 Mods

To successfully find and install the best mods for The Sims 4, it is important to first learn how to add them to your game. Fortunately, the process of downloading and installing mods in The Sims 4 has become much simpler compared to previous versions.

Downloading Mods in The Sims 4

Obtaining mods for The Sims 4 is a fairly straightforward procedure: In most cases, including the mods listed here, all you have to do is click on the ‘download’ button, file name, or similar option on the specific download page. Some mods may be available through platforms such as CurseForge or Patreon, while others may be found on Sim File Share or the creator’s personal website.

The website claims to provide a safe and carefully selected platform for the best mods and CC. It already includes popular mods from renowned creators such as MC Command Center and the SimDa Dating App.

Installing Mods for The Sims 4 (PC & Mac)

After downloading the desired mods for The Sims 4, you must locate your Mods folder. This folder is usually located at ‘Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods’.

Install mods

Installing mods in The Sims 4 is super easy to do.

Once you have found the desired location, simply transfer the files to the appropriate folder.

  • Find the folder where you have stored the downloaded mods.
  • If the file has the extension ‘.package‘ or ‘.ts4script‘, all you need to do is move it to the ‘Mods‘ folder.
  • There may be instances where the files you download are in a Zip format. To extract them, simply right-click and transfer the extracted contents to the ‘Mods‘ folder.
  • It is possible that certain zips may include images and text documents that offer additional information about the mod. However, it is not necessary for these files to be placed in the folder.
  • That’s all there is to it! Your mods have been successfully installed.

After installation, it is necessary to activate mods within the game.

How to enable mods in The Sims 4

In order for mods to work in The Sims 4, you must first let the game know that you want them to be visible.

  1. After launching the game, click on the ‘…’ icon located in either the main menu or the top right of the screen during gameplay.
  2. Click on ‘Game Options‘.
  3. On the left side of the pop-up window, you will find a tab labeled ‘Other’. Simply click on this tab.
  4. Ensure that both the options for ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods’ and ‘Script Mods Allowed’ are selected.
  5. Click on ‘Apply Changes‘ and then proceed to restart your game.
Game Options window in The Sims
EA / Maxis

Once your mods are downloaded, you’ll need to make show these two settings are enabled.

Once you have downloaded any mods, they should be functioning properly. To verify which mods the game recognizes as installed, simply select ‘View Custom Content’ after restarting the game.

Are The Sims 4 Mods Available on Console?

Regrettably, mods are not currently accessible on console platforms. While it is unlikely that this will change in the foreseeable future, if there are any developments, we will provide updates here on the necessary procedures.

These are the top modifications for The Sims 4. If you’re new to the game, be sure to explore the most highly recommended expansion packs, as well as ways to quickly earn money and unlock all items.

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