Best Battle Rifles for Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

For those seeking a weapon that excels in both medium and long ranges, the top Battle Rifles in Warzone provide the ideal solution. These guns offer a balance between the dominance of Assault Rifles at medium ranges and the effectiveness of Marksman Rifles at longer distances.

In case you are unsure about which BR to select, we have compiled a tier list of the top options, with a detailed explanation for each choice. The list is arranged from best to worst.

Every Warzone Battle Rifle ranked

  1. MTZ-762
  2. Sidewinder
  3. SOA Subverter
  4. BAS-B
  5. Cronen Squall
  6. FTAC Recon
  7. Lachmann-762
  8. TAQ-V
  9. SO-14

Rankings explained

5. Cronen Squall

Cronen Squall Warzone

Great choice for long-range fights.

The Cronen Squall delivers a powerful blow, whether you opt for its highly precise semi-automatic mode or its fully automatic mode.

Although the weapons in MW2 may not be as sleek as those in MW3, by utilizing the proper build, the Cronen Squall proves to be a highly effective choice in the current season of Warzone.


BAS-B Battle Rifle Warzone

Remains a popular weapon.

Ever since the integration of the MW3 weapon into Warzone, the BAS-B has consistently proven to be a reliable choice. This powerful rifle offers high damage and manageable recoil, which can be further reduced with the best build.

Despite being a top choice in Season 1, this weapon has gradually fallen in popularity and now holds the fourth rank. However, if you have fully upgraded it, it remains a strong contender for engagements at medium to long distances.

3. SOA Subverter

SOA Subverter Warzone

Still a great option.

Since its addition in the Season 2 Reloaded update, the SOA Subverter quickly rose to dominate the meta. However, with subsequent nerfs to reduce its strength, it has now fallen to the respectable third position on our list of top Battle Rifles.

Despite its powerful impact and lower fire rate, this weapon is still effective at long range and allows for more accurate shots. However, its time to kill (TTK) is not as impressive as the rifles ranked higher on the list.


Sidewinder Warzone

From zero to hero.

Despite receiving considerable criticism upon its initial release in MW3, the Sidewinder has since evolved into a popular and highly effective medium-range weapon in Warzone, boasting impressive damage capabilities.

Despite its challenging recoil, with the right attachments and mastery of its pattern, this weapon can be tamed and effectively used for long-range shots as well. Nevertheless, it truly shines in close to mid-range combat, where its powerful shots can take down enemies with ease.

Best Battle Rifle in Warzone

MTZ-762 Warzone

Warzone’s best BR in Season 4 Reloaded.

The MTZ-762 is considered the top Battle Rifle in Warzone due to its ability to function like a long-range Assault Rifle. With its powerful impact and manageable recoil, combined with the recent damage range improvements in Season 4 Reloaded, it excels in long-range combat.

By treating this weapon as I would an Assault Rifle, I was able to maximize its effectiveness. Its fast fire rate, compared to other options on the list, also adds to its versatility within its weapon category.

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