ITZY’s Lia Returns to the Stage, Appears in Fan Club Anniversary Live: “I’m Happy”

A live broadcast of ITZY began on ITZY’s official YouTube channel on July 8th.

On the occasion of the MIDZY (ITZY’s fan club) 5th anniversary live, Lia made a comeback after pausing her activities due to health concerns. She surprised everyone with her new bob haircut and Matilda costume, and was greeted with love and warmth by both the members and production team.

lia itzy
lia itzy

Upon hearing the members’ compliments about her appearance without sunglasses, Lia promptly removed them. She proceeded to convey her heartfelt sentiments, stating, “Congratulations on MIDZY’s birthday. I am delighted to be able to join everyone in this celebration.”

The ITZY members recounted their unforgettable experiences with MIDZY that felt like something from a movie. Lia considered their debut showcase tour to be the third most significant moment, stating, “When I think back on those days, it’s like watching a film. It was the first time we had the opportunity to meet our overseas MIDZY fans.”

lia itzy

Lia’s second most cherished memory was attending an open-air fan event at a television network, with her ultimate moment being “every moment.”She elaborated, saying, “It’s the simple things that hold the most significance. Looking back, every moment feels like a scene from a movie.”

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment also made an announcement on the same day regarding Lía’s upcoming activities. The statement stated that Lía’s anxiety symptoms have shown improvement and she will now resume activities with ITZY’s upcoming album.

The album is planned to be unveiled in the latter half of 2024, indicating that Lia will recommence her work with the ITZY members during this period.

The source of the information is from JYP and Daum.

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