Fans Put Up Countdown Banners For BTS Jin’s Discharge In Front Of Boot Camp

Countdown events have already commenced at the main gate of Division 5 of the Army Recruit Training Center, located in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do where BTS member Jin is currently serving. These events have been taking place a week prior to Jin’s discharge from the military.

Fans have displayed banners (placards) all over the place to celebrate Jin’s discharge and convey various messages, including “Left, right, left, right!!! Sergeant Kim Seok-jin is coming home!!!”, “Kim Seok-jin, the extraordinary warrior who deserves love from the entire world and support from the universe”, “Let’s stand by ARMY for eternity”, and “I’m cheering for Jin as he continues to move forward”.

bts jin military
bts jin military
bts jin military

On the wall of the cafe across from the boot camp, there is a prominent banner featuring Jin’s face and a congratulatory message that reads, “Seok-jin, you have done a remarkable job for 548 days. We will continue to support you with our unwavering love.”

A representative from the cafe informed Daily Sports that the banner was hung on June 5th at the request of BTS fans. They also shared that they chose not to charge the fans due to their understanding of the special feelings and devotion towards Jin.

During his time in the military, Jin frequently visited the cafe with his fellow soldiers and officers. According to an employee, Jin was in good health during his service and despite his celebrity status, he formed strong relationships with his fellow soldiers, showing his down-to-earth nature as a young Korean man.

bts jin military
bts jinn-fest thumbnail

Having enlisted on December 13th, 2022, Jin is set to be discharged on June 12th after completing 18 months of service. Despite gaining significant attention during his time in the military, Jin has chosen not to have a discharge ceremony. Instead, he will begin preparations for the 2024 FESTA event, which is scheduled for the following day.

BTS has announced that they will be hosting their 2024 FESTA event at Seoul Sports Complex on June 13th, in celebration of their 11th debut anniversary. During the event, Jin will make a special appearance at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in front of 4000 ARMYs, where he will officially announce his discharge. Due to being unable to participate in last year’s festivities, Jin has decided to hold the event this year with his own creative ideas, in order to spend a meaningful time with his fans.

After his discharge, specific information about Jin’s activities has not been disclosed, but it is highly likely that he will return with a solo comeback in the latter part of 2024. Prior to his enlistment, he had already debuted his first solo single, “The Astronaut,”in October 2022 and showcased it during Coldplay’s concert in Argentina. With all members of BTS, except for Jin, having released solo albums, it is anticipated that he will have a more active presence in music promotions upon his return.

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