Hyeri Receives Touching Birthday Messages from Her Mom

On June 8th, Hyeri shared multiple photos on her Instagram Story, expressing her gratitude for the KakaoTalk messages she received from her mom.

The photo featured in Hyeri’s Story post was captured by a friend of hers. It depicts Hyeri with two hairpins adorning her head, visibly crying as tears stream down her face.


Hyeri received a birthday message from her mother, who is saved as “Eomunie”in her phone. The message wished her a happy birthday on June 9th and expressed hopes for a joyful and fortunate year ahead. Her mother also expressed love for her in the message.

Upon receiving a heartfelt message and photo from her daughter, Hyeri expressed her love for her mother, stating, “Thank you for giving birth to me and raising me beautifully” . In response, Hyeri’s mother expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am proud of the person you have become” .


Hyeri’s parents, who were both born in 1970, have two daughters. As the eldest, Hyeri is two years older than her sister. In 2016, Hyeri’s sister was pursuing her dream of becoming a flight attendant and also managed a shopping mall.

On June 5th, it was announced by Hyeri’s agency Sublime that the actress donated 50 million won to the Seoul Ansan Medical Center in celebration of her birthday. The agency stated that the donation will be utilized to assist low-income individuals and cover medical expenses for underprivileged individuals, in accordance with Hyeri’s desires.

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