YTN Reporters Choose Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week: NewJeans’ Danielle and Lee Young-ae

Best – Danielle


According to journalist Kwak Hyun-soo, Danielle’s ensemble perfectly showcases her adorable and energetic persona. The combination of a white crop top and red and beige track pants exudes a comfortable and athletic appeal. It is highly admirable for effortlessly portraying a wholesome charm without relying on excessive skin exposure.

Reporter Oh Ji-won described the subject as resembling a character from an animated film. The bold and vibrant red training outfit suits her perfectly, and her hairstyle, split into two, enhances her liveliness. The intricate decorations on her phone give off a well-thought-out vibe.

◆ Good – Suzy


According to reporter Choi Bo-ran, Suzy’s pure charm was highlighted by the calm blue flower pattern on her dress. While one-piece dresses paired with cardigans are a popular choice, Suzy’s outfit stood out with its sporty touch, thanks to the addition of black sneakers.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun praised Suzy’s stunning suggestion for those pondering what to wear on a midsummer date. The white and blue ensemble exudes a refreshing and refined vibe. This seemingly effortless but well-planned outfit only adds to Suzy’s allure.

◆ So-so – Lee Je-hoon

lee je hoon

Reporter Oh Ji-won commented that the tone-on-tone shirt-on-shirt combination was stylish, but expressed uncertainty about the fit and length of the pants. Additionally, the necklace appeared to detract from the overall dandy outfit.

Reporter Choi Bo-ran described the styling as both sensual and normal. The use of two layered shirts may catch one’s eye, but it does not make a strong statement. The top and bottom pieces are constructed from identical fabric, giving the appearance of a jumpsuit or work uniform at first glance.

◆ Bad – King


Reporter Kwak Hyun-soo: I can see that the yellow and green cardigan and checkered skirt in matching colors were chosen to create a bright and cute look. However, I am unsure if it was necessary to also match the color of the sunglasses to the outfit or why a pink scarf, which is not in the same color family, was added.

Worst – Lee Young-ae

lee young ae

Kwak Hyun-soo: The white and orange flower-patterned shirt may be a bit overwhelming. However, when paired with white cropped pants and white sneakers, it creates a perfect vacation look. The only issue is that the wearer of this outfit is none other than the effortlessly elegant Lee Young-ae. It would be a challenge to find anyone else sporting this combination, even at Everland Caribbean Bay (a water park) these days.

Reporter Oh Ji-won questioned if her perception of Lee Young-ae as the ultimate fashion icon has clouded her judgement. Her casual attire and minimal makeup appear out of place, and the bold pattern on her shirt is overwhelming. While her jewelry suggests she made an effort, the mismatched pairing of pants and sneakers gives off a vibe of prioritizing comfort over style. It is safe to say that her fashion choices were confusing.

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