Fans react to accusation of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua using phone during fan call

As their latest comeback promotions come to an end, SEVENTEEN is currently holding fan calls. This event allows chosen fans to have a short video call with their favorite idols, catering to the needs of those who are unable to attend events in Korea.

Nevertheless, a recent fan call involving SEVENTEEN’s Joshua sparked intense discussion and caused outrage within the fandom.


A fan released a video of a fancall with Joshua, alleging that the male idol was constantly preoccupied with his phone and not fully engaged in their conversation.

The fan expressed their dissatisfaction by writing, “Did I really spend tens of thousands of dollars just to watch you play on your phone?”This led to criticism directed towards Joshua.

Yet, it was later disclosed that the circumstances were probably not as they appeared. Specifically, another attendee who also had a fan call on the same day recounted that when they requested Joshua to perform a song, the male idol expressed that he could not recall the lyrics and had to search for them on his phone.

After viewing the video of Joshua, netizens were quick to point out that it aligned with the footage shared by the fan who had accused Joshua of being distracted and using his phone. This raised suspicions that the fan may have deliberately edited the footage to make Joshua look bad.

Consequently, fans were deeply upset and began trending #PLEDIS_PROTECT_JOSHUA on various social media platforms. They also called for the individual responsible for spreading false information about Joshua’s fan call behavior to be barred from attending any future SEVENTEEN events.

The source of this information is from X, Krb.

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