“Wearing Uniform Enhances His Coolness” BTS’s V Shows Respect to Big Mama with 90-Degree Bow While On Patrol

On June 9th, Lee Ji-young of Big Mama’s posted a video on Instagram of her visit with V, who is currently fulfilling his military duties.

In the video, V introduces himself to Lee Ji-young, saying, “I am V from BTS. Our military police are currently on patrol and I wanted to come and see you, senior.”Lee Ji-young responds with admiration, “You look very cool… especially in uniform.”

bts v-military
bts v-military
bts v-military
bts v-military

With a bashful grin, V responded, “Absolutely not. We should return to our patrol, but I look forward to seeing you again next time.”He then bowed respectfully and extended his hand for a handshake in greeting.

Prior to departing, V displayed his dependable and soldierly image with a sharp and dignified salute.

Lee Ji-young recounted the events of the day, mentioning that after her performance at the Chuncheon District Festa, she was approached by a charming soldier who turned out to be none other than BTS’s V.

She remarked, “I’ve always admired his exceptional stage presence, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he carries himself with the same gentlemanly demeanor off stage. He looks particularly striking in his uniform. I hope he has a successful military service and eagerly await his return in excellent condition.”

The 2024 Patriotic Culture Festival Chuncheon District Battle Remember Festa took place from June 7th to 9th, during which time V served on patrol duty in order to assist with the event.

A photo of V, taken by a fan (@soop_0613) who happened to run into him at the site, has become a popular topic on SNS. In the picture, V can be seen patrolling and surveying his surroundings while dressed in SDT’s signature black uniform and sporting sunglasses. With his short sleeves revealing his muscular arms, it is evident that he has undergone rigorous training, further enhancing his dependable military image. Additionally, his sun-kissed skin highlights his strong and healthy masculinity.

V joined the Special Duty Team (SDT) under the ROK II Corps in December of last year and is currently serving. His discharge date is set for June 10th of the following year.

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