Suzy & Park Bo-gum’s Wonderland Falls Short, Failing to Reach 1/6 of Break-even Point

An article was released on June 10 on the Korea forum “theqoo”, which disclosed the current ticket sales for the film “Wonderland”featuring Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Tang Wei, Choi Woo-sik, and Jung Yu-mi.

Based on the article, the current state of ticket sales for the highly-anticipated film is described as:

  • 2024-06-05. Day 1 (Wednesday) 82,875 people
  • 2024-06-06. Day 2 (Thursday) 136,228 people
  • 2024-06-07. Day 3 (Fri) 66,840 people
  • 2024-06-08. Day 4 (Sat) 97,871 people
  • 2024-06-09-. Day 5 (Sunday) 72,949 people

This indicates that the film “Wonderland”had a total of 468,759 viewers in the initial week of its release, resulting in a profit of 713 million won (approximately 517,000 USD).

Despite its efforts, “Wonderland”has yet to break-even as it has only sold a fraction of the required 2.9 million tickets in its first week.

Despite the upcoming release of Disney’s “Inside Out”2 next week, “Wonderland”is expected to face challenges and may struggle to reach the 1 million viewers mark.

Here are some remarks from the online community about the movie and the reasons for its lack of success:

  • It was really boring.. I think there’s a reason it wasn’t released for 5 years and was delayed
  • In my opinion, with the exception of Tang Wei, the characters were all quite one-dimensional. I also found Park Bo-gum’s character to be lacking in depth. There were several scenes that left me confused.
  • Despite not having a large viewership, this movie is facing an even bigger setback due to the negative reviews from critics.
  • It’s really boring and it must have been made with a lot of effort. Only Tang Wei is okay and the actors’ acting is not very good.
  • During the preview day, I couldn’t help but think that it would be a disaster. The event lacked any enjoyment and the quality of the work was even worse.

Theqoo is the source of the information in the following paragraph.

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