FIFTY FIFTY Teases 2nd Generation Members for a 5-Member Comeback

On July 9, the official FIFTY FIFTY girl group account shared multiple stories in honor of member Keena’s 22nd birthday.

One photo in particular caught the eye, as it featured four additional members standing alongside Keena. All of them had long hair and wore butterfly-shaped balloon wings as they celebrated Keena’s birthday together. However, the photo only showed their hands and backs, creating even more excitement and anticipation.

fifty fifty keena
fifty fifty keena

For some time, FIFTY FIFTY functioned as a solo act with only Keena as part of the ATTRAKT agency. Despite being a part of the small agency ATTRAKT, FIFTY FIFTY gained immense recognition on international music charts in the United States and the United Kingdom, earning the title of “the miracle of the small agency.”However, less than a year after their debut, the members took legal action and filed for a provisional injunction to terminate their exclusive contracts with the agency, resulting in a legal dispute.

This resulted in a legal dispute between ATTRAKT, its members, and the external company The Givers. The CEO of The Givers, An Seong-il, was accused of tampering, leading to a court case. The provisional injunction filed by FIFTY FIFTY was dismissed by the court, while patent offices in multiple countries, including Korea, supported ATTRAKT. As a consequence, Keena withdrew her appeal and rejoined ATTRAKT, whereas the contracts with Saena, Sio, and Aran were terminated.

ATTRAKT has recently announced that FIFTY FIFTY’s 2nd generation, which was formed through a private audition, has undergone a restructuring process and will now consist of five members. The group is currently gearing up for a comeback in September, sparking interest and speculation about the new members who will be joining FIFTY FIFTY.

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