FRED Jewelry: Sold Out Quickly After BTS Jin’s Global Brand Ambassador Announcement

On July 8th (Korean time), FRED officially named Jin as their first global brand ambassador. The brand shared, “We are thrilled to introduce Jin from the renowned pop group BTS as Maison FRED’s newest Global Brand Ambassador.”A photo of Jin was also featured on the brand’s official website.

Jin expressed his feelings by posting a picture on Instagram of himself wearing FRED jewelry with the caption, “I am grateful to be a part of the FRED family as their Global Brand Ambassador. Stay tuned for my upcoming and diverse activities with FRED.”

bts jin
bts jin

FRED, a renowned luxury high jewelry brand in Europe, has captured the hearts of iconic actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly and other European royals. After 88 years since its founding in 1936, the brand has announced BTS’s Jin as its first global brand ambassador.

Following the announcement of Jin as FRED’s global brand ambassador, the bracelet worth 37.5 million won that he wore in his pictorials sold out on the brand’s official website. Similarly, the Force 10 Iconic necklace worth 134.5 million won, also seen on Jin, quickly went out of stock. The 17.2-million-won earrings featured in Jin’s pictorials are currently unavailable for purchase.

FRED’s website was overwhelmed by an excessive number of visitors on that day, further demonstrating Jin’s widespread popularity and significant impact as a global superstar.

bts jin

Following the announcement of Jin as their global ambassador, FRED experienced a surge in Google searches, surpassing the record for the past five years. Jin’s influence sparked an overwhelming response worldwide, particularly in the US, with search terms related to FRED receiving explosive attention.

Jin has earned the title of “Sold Out King” for consistently demonstrating “Jin’s Effect” both before and after his discharge from the military on December 22nd. This is evident as all the products he has endorsed, ranging from fashion to food and drink, have quickly sold out.

The food industry reports that there has been a notable increase in domestic instant noodles exports, attributed to the success of the 2020 movie ‘Parasite’ at the Academy Awards and the influence of Jin as a spokesperson. Ottogi experienced a surge in sales and operating profit for their main products, including ramen, convenience food, and sauce, after Jin became the face of their Ottogi Jin Ramen brand in 2022.

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