Jennie Apology for Blowing Vape at Staff

On July 9, OA, also known as ODDATERLIER, released a statement apologizing to anyone who was made to feel uneasy by Jennie’s behavior.

On July 2, Jennie’s vlog on her YouTube channel, which featured her smoking an e-cigarette indoors, caused controversy and was later deleted.

jennie blackpink smoke

The video showcased Jennie as she prepared for her first appearance on the runway at the Jacquemus fashion show. During the footage, her staff helped her with hair and makeup while she held a black stick, which appeared to be a vape diffuser, and exhaled white smoke.

Despite being near the staff who were doing her makeup, Jennie intentionally exhaled her vape directly towards their faces. Fans were quick to criticize her for her thoughtless actions, with some going as far as to accuse her of abusing her celebrity status.

A netizen reported that they had filed a complaint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and requested an investigation by the South Korean embassy in Italy, stating that the filming location was Capri Island.

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The individual, known as A, expressed concern by stating, “Based on my observations, the scene in question was likely filmed on Capri Island, Italy. I have reached out to the embassy to request an investigation as I am troubled by Jennie’s actions.”

Jennie’s agency issued an apology on her behalf amidst the increasing controversy. The agency expressed regret for any discomfort Jennie’s actions may have caused and acknowledged her reflection on smoking indoors and the inconvenience it caused the staff. Jennie personally reached out and apologized to the staff who were present at the time.

The statement further expressed regret, stating, “We extend our apologies to any fans who may have been left feeling disappointed. Jennie will make dedicated efforts to present a more mature and positive image in the days to come.”

The source for this information is Daum, which can be accessed at this link.

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