Jennie’s Restaurant Controversy and Vaping Allegations

On July 8, concerns were raised about BLACKPINK’s Jennie allegedly vaping indoors. The controversy arose from a scene in a vlog released on July 2 by her independent label, Odd Atelier (OA).

The vlog displayed Jennie getting ready for an event with assistance from her team. During the video, Jennie can be seen using a vape in the presence of her makeup artist. While some fans argued that the item she was holding was a vitamin inhaler or diffuser, this has not been officially confirmed.

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Jennie, who was born in 1996, is considered an adult and has the right to make her own choices, including smoking. However, smoking indoors can potentially lead to legal issues in South Korea, as well as in the suspected location of the vlog, which is believed to be on Capri Island, Italy. The main concern is that Jennie’s exhalation of smoke near staff members may have exposed them to secondhand smoke.

The recent indoor smoking debate has resurfaced memories of the “Gopchang Restaurant”incident that occurred five years ago. During that time, Jennie faced accusations of parking in a prohibited area and requesting the staff to prepare gopchang, a dish typically cooked by the customers themselves.

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During the airing of SBS Power FM’s “Bae Sung-jae’s Ten,” a well-known gopchang restaurant owner shared a story about an encounter with a famous customer. According to the owner, Jennie’s manager had given her permission to park illegally and Jennie herself had requested for the staff to cook her food. It wasn’t until later that the owner realized the customer was actually Jennie from the popular girl group BLACKPINK.

This story about the restaurant owner resulted in allegations of “power abuse” being made against Jennie during that period.

The source for this information can be found on Nate’s website, specifically on the page with the URL: //

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