Min Hee-jin Attends First Police Interrogation On Breach Of Duty Charge, “I’ll Tell The Truth”

On July 9th, it was announced by Seoul Yongsan Police Station that CEO Min Hee-jin would be attending a 2 p.m. interrogation as the first defendant.

At 1:38 p.m., prior to the interrogation, Min Hee-jin was asked the question “What will you focus on explaining?”to which she replied, “I believe I will simply have to tell the truth.”She also stated, “The accusation of breaching duty is nonsensical.”

min hee jin

On April 26th, HYBE filed a complaint against Min Hee-jin with Yongsan Police Station, alleging that she had breached her duties. HYBE stated that the female CEO had made an attempt to acquire the management rights of the label ADOR.

Despite this, Min Hee-jin’s spokesperson refuted any possibility of attempting to acquire the management rights, citing the current stake structure. They also denied any actions that could potentially harm the company’s value, such as breach of duty.

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