Final Fantasy XIV Plans to Strongly Differentiate Jobs in Expansion After Dawntrail

The director of Final Fantasy XIV has announced their intentions to significantly distinguish the various jobs in future expansions after Dawntrail.

The highly anticipated release of Dawntrail for Final Fantasy XIV will introduce two new jobs, Viper and Pictomancer, both of which specialize in melee and magic DPS respectively. These additions will expand the game’s battle content and provide players with even more diverse gameplay options in the MMORPG.

Despite this, numerous players have expressed their belief that the game’s occupations have become increasingly alike in recent expansions and that their overall intricacy is being excessively diminished.

The developers have responded to player feedback by announcing their intention to “strongly differentiate”jobs in future expansions after Dawntrail. Their primary focus for the upcoming expansion will be on battle content.

Naoki Yoshida talks about Job homogenization, Job identity and 8.0 changes byu/Jealous_Witness_32 inffxiv

Yoshida clarified to the Italian website Multiplayer that the team frequently received complaints from players regarding job mechanics, specifically about one job having a certain skill while the other did not.

One potential solution was to introduce similar skills for each position, but this approach carried the potential danger of creating homogeneity among all jobs.

The director’s vision was to establish a scenario where every job has its own set of skills and can excel in its own distinct manner, instilling a sense of accomplishment in players as they engage in the game.

Nevertheless, the developers are hesitant to implement these changes until the expansion following Dawntrail, given the immense undertaking of reworking all of the jobs.

“In order to achieve our set goal, we believe it is necessary to distinctly differentiate the Jobs. As a result, we would like to take a step back and revert to the previous state.”

In addition, Yoshida discussed the 120-second window meta, stating that it has led to a lack of diversity in job rotations. He noted that the game’s current content is highly intertwined, and therefore their focus will be on improving battle content before addressing job mechanics.

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