Fortnite Players Believe They Have Uncovered Megalo Don’s True Identity

According to Fortnite players, Megalo Don’s true identity has been revealed thanks to a Battle Pass skin from two years ago.

The central theme of Fortnite’s Chapter 5, Season 3 revolves around the wasteland and the use of Nitro for all movement on the island. Megalo Don, the villain figure and tier 100 skin in the Battle Pass, brought the Nitro to the island.

After his reveal, players quickly started to speculate about the source of his iconic hairstyle. Now, just a few weeks into Chapter 5 Season 3, some believe they have finally discovered the true identity of Megalo Don.

Chapter 3 Season 2’s character Gunnar closely resembles Megalo Don and appears to have incorporated the use of Nitro Fists, which were first introduced in Megalo Don’s kit. The season’s trailer also shows Gunnar utilizing a version of the Nitro Fists.

Despite the fact that Megalo Don and Gunnar were released two years apart, the hairstyle and pre-Nitro Fists have led some members of the Fortnite community to believe that they are in fact the same person.

According to the original poster of a Reddit thread, the story features snapshots that occur at the zero point and within the loop. It is possible that Megalo Don is a snapshot of Gunnar.

The Fortnite storyline and lore can be overwhelming, particularly with the inclusion of official Battle Pass collaborations with popular franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars. However, despite concerns that Epic Games may have disregarded the Fortnite lore, there is still hope for a revival with the introduction of Gunnar in the new season. This “snapshot”of Gunnar could potentially lead to a deeper exploration of the game’s lore.

Despite the noted similarities between Megalo Don and Gunnar, there has been no confirmation from Fortnite as to whether they are the same person or have any connection in the game’s timeline.

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