Fire Force Season 3 Confirmed for Split-Cour Release with PV and Visual, Release Dates Revealed

On Saturday, July 6, 2024, at Anime Expo 2024, Crunchyroll revealed that Fire Force season 3 will mark the end of the franchise, with a split cours release schedule. The first part is set to air in April 2025 (Spring 2025), followed by the second part in January 2026 (Winter 2026).

At the event, Crunchyroll released a promotional video and teaser visual for the upcoming third season of Fire Force. They also announced that the series will be available for streaming outside of Japan. The new season will continue the story from the previous installment, which aired 24 episodes from July 2020 to December 2020. Fire Force is based on Atsushi Ohkuno’s manga series of the same name.

Upcoming Premiere of Fire Force Season 3 in April 2025 – First Cour

According to an announcement made by Crunchyroll at Anime Expo 2024, Fire Force season 3 is scheduled to be released in April 2025. The season will be split into two parts, with the first part premiering in April 2025 and the second part following in January 2026, during the winter season. This information was confirmed on Saturday, July 6, 2024.

The anime’s official website and X (previously known as Twitter) account have streamed the promotional video for Fire Force season 3. The video starts with visuals from the manga and later showcases new scenes from the upcoming season.

The brief video features the adventures of the main character, Shinra Kusakabe, and his comrades in the Special Fire Force Company 8. In addition, the promotional video introduces the Evangelists. Although the preview does not disclose the season 3 theme songs, it does include Aimer’s opening theme, SPARK-AGAIN.

Teaser visual for Fire Force season 3 (Image via David Production)
Teaser visual for Fire Force season 3 (Image via David Production)

In addition to the PV, a teaser visual for Fire Force season 3 has been released by the official staff. The image showcases the main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, on his way to the ultimate showdown. Shinra is depicted wearing the iconic Fire Force outfit, surrounded by flames. This visual undoubtedly captures the atmosphere and essence of season 3.

David Production has been chosen to oversee the production of season 3. Despite this, the official team for the anime has yet to reveal the names of the main staff members. It is expected that the previous cast members will return to reprise their roles.

Shinra, as seen in the trailer (Image via David Production)
Shinra, as seen in the trailer (Image via David Production)

In addition, Crunchyroll has revealed that the third season will be available for streaming in North America, Central America, South America, the Middle East, CIS, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Furthermore, the company has provided a brief overview of the upcoming season.

In the upcoming season of Fire Force, viewers will witness Shinra Kusakabe utilizing his devil’s footprints to aid the citizens of Tokyo who are suffering from spontaneous human combustion. As the city is engulfed in flames, he will emerge to save it from complete destruction.

However, before anything else, he must confront his past and uncover the truth about human combustion. This upcoming season will witness the familiar characters entering the endgame, where they will have to confront unimaginable enemies.

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