NewJeans Collaborates with Park Myung-soo on Boss In The Mirror and Surprises Viewers

The latest installment of “Boss in the Mirror” is set to premiere today (July 7th) and features Park Myung-soo as a special guest at the Dongguk University Festival for two years in a row. During the festival, Park Myung-soo connects with Zico to gain insight on captivating the MZ audience and also has a chance encounter with NewJeans and Psy.

newjeans concert

Despite his initial confidence, Park Myung-soo’s face suddenly turns gray upon arriving at the festival venue and checking the lineup of invited singers and the order of their performances. He realizes that at the age of 53, he may be the only singer performing at a university festival.

The reason for this is that Park Myung-soo’s name is listed between NewJeans and Psy. He quickly scolds his manager of 19 years, Han Kyung-ho, exclaiming, “NewJeans performs before me and Psy is right after me?”The broadcaster’s comment sparks laughter as he expresses concern about possibly dampening the energetic atmosphere created by NewJeans.

Afterwards, Park Myung-soo has separate encounters with NewJeans and Psy backstage, demonstrating their strong bond of friendship. During their conversation, Park Myung-soo inquires about their payment for the festival performance. To his surprise, Minji from NewJeans reveals that they plan to donate all the profits earned from their university festival performances. This news earns a shy smile from Park Myung-soo, who jokingly confesses, “I tend to use all the money.”

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