Boruto may be getting his own Nine Tails, and the anime set him up for it

Despite being a source of division among fans, the Boruto anime is often praised within its fandom for its intricate foreshadowing of future plot points. Evidence suggests that the possibility of the titular character receiving his own version of Kurama, the Nine-Tails, is being hinted at. While this may seem unusual, considering the fact that his sister Himawari currently possesses the Nine-Tails, this theory holds merit.

The theory has been further supported by the anime, as seen in the episodes where Boruto, accompanied by Sasuke Uchiha, travels back in time and meets a young Naruto while utilizing Kurama chakra. Additionally, the arc featuring his father’s use of Baryon Mode also adds evidence to the theory.

Although seemingly unrelated, these two events could potentially serve as significant foreshadowing for the protagonist’s acquisition of his own Kurama.

Please note: This article contains spoilers for the series.

Explaining how Boruto could obtain his own Nine-Tails in the series

According to this theory, Himawari is not the only one of Naruto’s children who possesses Kurama. This possibility was hinted at in the anime. One example of this is seen when the protagonist travels back in time with Sasuke Uchiha and is able to come into contact with Naruto while he is using Kurama’s chakra. Not only is he not rejected, but he also seems to be naturally drawn to it. This suggests a potential affinity for Kurama’s power.

Another notable occurrence was when Naruto utilized Baryon Mode, with his chakra enveloping his son without any repercussions for the latter. This is puzzling, as it goes against the inherent properties of this form. It should be noted that this particular scene was not depicted in the manga and was only included in the anime adaptation, leaving room for interpretation. It could hold significant significance or simply be an overlooked detail by studio Pierrot.

Moreover, in the latest installments of the Two Blue Vortex manga, Kurama explains to Himawari that her Uzumaki and Hyuga lineage enables her to wield his power, just like her older brother. This is because the Uzumaki clan is descended from the Senju clan, which traces its origins to Hagoromo and, ultimately, Kaguya. It is believed that Kaguya is responsible for the chakra of the Tailed Beasts, making her indirectly connected to everything in the story.

Issues with this theory

Kurama could still be divided (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kurama could still be divided (Image via Studio Pierrot)

One compelling support for this theory is that Kurama could have potentially been split, similar to how he was within both Naruto and Minato simultaneously in the original. However, this aspect presents several issues for the storyline, the primary one being that Jiraiya should have sensed the presence of both Uzumaki children upon entering the Hidden Leaf Village, instead of only sensing Himawari. As a result, this argument creates a contradiction within the narrative.

Additionally, if the main character currently possesses a portion of Kurama within himself, he should have the ability to utilize it to some extent as long as he is aware of its presence. This is due to his extensive training under Sasuke Uchiha, who has taught him how to control and access this power.

A plausible theory for this situation is that Momoshiki is sealing Kurama’s abilities, supporting another speculation that Boruto is hesitant to use Karma due to the risk of the Otsutsuki once again possessing his body.

Final thoughts

Despite being mere fan speculation at the moment, there is sufficient evidence in both the anime and manga to suggest that Boruto may possess a portion of Kurama’s chakra. This is further supported by the fact that the original story has already established the possibility of the Nine-Tails being divided between two individuals.

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