Usopp, not Luffy or Zoro, will likely lead One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates out of Egghead’s waters

The One Piece Egghead arc is currently in its last stage and all attention is focused on the Straw Hats Pirates’ attempt to escape. Sadly, multiple Vegapunk satellites have been sacrificed for the sake of their getaway. Despite their efforts, the pirate crew still faces many obstacles hindering their escape.

On one side, the island has been infiltrated by the Marine Corps, led by numerous vice admirals and Admiral Borsalino. On the opposing side, the five all-powerful Gorosei refuse to allow anyone to flee from the island.

Despite potentially escaping from the island, would the Straw Hat Pirates truly function as a cohesive crew with Luffy and Zoro currently embroiled in a perilous fight? The Wano arc holds a significant clue on the outcome, as Hawkin’s prediction suggests that the Straw Hat Pirates may temporarily adopt the name of the Usopp Pirates after Egghead’s involvement.

Please note: This article includes potential spoilers from the One Piece manga series and reflects the author’s personal opinion.

One Piece: Exploring the Condition of the Straw Hat Pirates after They Escape Egghead Island

Vegapunk Edison's sacrifice (Image via Shueisha)
Vegapunk Edison’s sacrifice (Image via Shueisha)

The Straw Hat Pirates executed their escape plan when Vegapunk Edison bravely leapt through the Frontier Dome and used his abilities to expand the clouds, allowing the Thousand Sunny to make a smooth getaway. However, in the preceding chapters, Saint Saturn called for a meeting of all the Gorosei on the island, concerned that the Straw Hat Pirates would attempt to flee.

After being summoned, the Gorosei distributed and cornered everyone on the island. Nami and her group faced Saint Saturn, but they were able to avoid him and escape by riding through the clouds of the Frontier Dome.

Zoro vs. Nusjuro as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)
Zoro vs. Nusjuro as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

On their journey, they encountered Zoro and Jinbe who were stopped by Saint Nusjuro while trying to board the ship. Roronoa Zoro instructed his companions to continue without them, assuring them that they would catch up with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

After engaging in a fierce battle with Saint Warcury, Luffy was rescued by the Giants who had just arrived on Egghead Island. He then reunited with Sanji’s group and together they boarded the Giants’ ship to escape from Saint Warcury’s clutches.

Bonney Nika and Luffy Gear 5 (Image via Shueisha)
Bonney Nika and Luffy Gear 5 (Image via Shueisha)

Despite the ongoing chase, Saint Marcus refused to give up and continued to pursue them. Knowing that they were no match for the powerful Gorosei, Luffy devised a plan and requested his crewmates and Nika Bonney to kick him with all their might. He absorbed the force of their combined attack and redirected it towards Saint Marcus, propelling him away.

In One Piece chapter 1119, Nami’s group disappeared when Saint Ju Peter attempted to attack the Giants’ ship. Luffy quickly intervened and faced off against Saint Ju Peter, allowing Saint Warcury to launch another attack. However, the Iron Giant suddenly emerged from the ocean depths and delivered a powerful punch to Saint Warcury.

From the present circumstances, it is apparent that Nami’s group is absent and it is likely that they have successfully fled from Egghead. The four most formidable members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, Sanji, Jinbe, and Zoro, are the only ones remaining on Egghead Island and are currently engaged in a battle. Among these four, Zoro and Luffy are widely recognized as the strongest and serve as the leaders of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Hawkins predicting the future of Luffy and Zoro (Image via Shueisha)
Hawkins predicting the future of Luffy and Zoro (Image via Shueisha)

Despite facing dangerous battles separately, what are the odds of Luffy and Zoro surviving? Upon their reunion in the Wano Kingdom, the two had to confront Basil Hawkins, who was then serving under Kaido.

The Pirate known as the Worst Generation used his Tarot cards to foresee their fate and declared that there was a mere 19% probability of their survival in the following month. As the timeline of the One Piece universe remains enigmatic, it is only conjecture as to how much time has passed since Basil Hawkins’ divination. Nearly 25 days after the prediction, the Straw Hat Pirates departed Wano after triumphing over Kaido.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Egghead exactly 30 days after the prediction, due to a break in the story following the Wano arc. This puts them directly in the timeline mentioned by Basil Hawkins, but his prophecy does not guarantee instant death – it poses a serious risk of injury to both Zoro and Luffy.

Usopp as seen in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Usopp as seen in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Therefore, in the absence of a suitable leader, the remaining Straw Hat Pirates would be under the guidance of the infamous Captain Usopp. As avid followers are aware, his tall tales often hint at events to come, making this the perfect opportunity for them to come to fruition.

Despite the absence of any of his Big 4 crew members, Usopp successfully navigated his crew out of Egghead Island, which had been overrun by dangerous creatures like the Gorosei. His next destination was Elbaf, where he would finally achieve his dream of becoming the bravest warrior of the Grand Line.

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