Behind the Scenes of K.Will Casting Ahn Jae-hyun and Seo In-guk for His Music Video

On July 7th, K.Will unveiled the music video making film for his title track “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart (Prod. Yoon Sang)”from his 7th mini album “All The Way”.

The production video features behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting of the MV and interviews with lead actors Seo In-guk and Ahn Jae-hyun. K.Will mentioned, “Following the immense achievement of the ‘Please Don’t…’ music video, which starred these two talented actors, I invited them back to shoot ‘No Sad Song For My Broken Heart’ to continue our legacy.”


During a recent interview, Seo In-guk revealed a small preview of the upcoming music video by stating, “First of all, it’s a continuation of the first MV, ‘Please Don’t…’. The story takes place a few years after the first one, showing how the characters have moved on with their lives and unexpectedly meet again.”This sneak peek has sparked curiosity among fans, with Seo In-guk encouraging them to watch the MV themselves. When asked about the song, he shared, “It truly touched my heart. The lyrics of the song brought back strong emotions, reminding me of an old song. I had a similar feeling while listening to this one.”

Having previously collaborated on a music video, Seo In-guk and Ahn Jae-hyun approached their latest MV filming with great enthusiasm. Together, they carefully planned their emotional lines, aiming to establish a strong connection to their characters from the previous video. Ahn Jae-hyun praised In-guk’s thorough preparation, noting that the new video pays tribute to key moments from the previous narrative. In-guk’s attention to detail, such as incorporating specific gestures to convey the characters’ personalities, adds an enjoyable element for viewers to take note of.


When questioned about their plans to participate in the third MV, Seo In-guk responded, “You’ll understand once you see it, but I’m unsure about the direction for the third music video. It might be a complex story.”Ahn Jae-hyun chimed in, “We shouldn’t be discussing this.”Upon hearing this, K.Will shared, “I hope our conversation becomes a hot topic on YouTube. It will definitely entice viewers to check out the music video.”He expressed his eagerness to create the third MV.

“Finally, in the interview, Seo In-guk expressed his admiration for K.Will, stating, “I have been a fan of K.Will since my childhood. I was thrilled to hear about his new album and I hope everyone enjoys this song.”Ahn Jae-hyun also revealed, “The music video, along with the previous one, will leave a lasting memory for viewers. You can trust my word on that.”To conclude the interview, K.Will shared, “Today was a fantastic experience. Despite their busy schedules, they graciously took the time for this interview. It was truly a remarkable project.”

The release of “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart”garnered immense attention from fans worldwide, reaching the top spot on YouTube’s Trending Music Video chart and accumulating over 4.81 million views within two weeks.

Furthermore, K.Will has scheduled a fanmeeting at Marry Hall Grand Theater of Sogang University on August 17th.

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