Rosé Films ROCKSTAR Dance Challenge at Lisa’s Beverly Hills Mansion

On July 7th, Lisa caught the attention of media outlets when she dropped a “ROCKSTAR”dance challenge video featuring Rosé. The reunion of the two members, who had not seen each other since their last group appearance at Buckingham Palace in late 2023, caused a wave of excitement among fans.


“@ROSÉ and I, baby we some rockstars” 💘🌟💘🌟💘

♬ Rockstar (Sped Up) – LISA

In just two hours after being uploaded, the video on TikTok had already accumulated over 3 million views and 1 million likes.

In a 12-second video, Lisa and Rosé performed a synchronized dance to a faster rendition of “ROCKSTAR”and shared a tight embrace. This special moment brought back memories of when the two friends participated in the “LALISA”dance challenge three years prior. The video quickly gained traction on social media, garnering excited reactions from fans.

lisa rose
lisa rose
lisa house
rose blackpink

Some fans were quick to point out that the dance challenge was filmed at Lisa’s home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA. As a token of gratitude for Rosé’s participation in the challenge, Lisa gifted her a Labubu Macaron doll. She shared photos of Rosé with the doll and wrote, “I’m beyond thrilled.”

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