Forgotten Warzone AR is “no recoil” beast thanks to OP new attachment

Each season update introduces fresh Aftermarket Parts that have the potential to elevate underappreciated weapons to top contenders. With the addition of a Season 4 attachment, a previously overlooked AR from MW2 can now be a top choice for Resurgence, thanks to its “no recoil”feature.

In Warzone, both TTK and recoil are essential factors to consider when selecting a firearm. Thus, numerous players are constantly searching for the optimal loadout that offers the ideal combination to thrive in the battle royale.

With the addition of Season 4, the Weekly Challenge system introduced the JAK Requiem AMP attachment, which enables players to eliminate recoil from the Kastov 762. Despite being a weapon from MW2, it has been neglected since the integration of Warzone and MW3.

Despite the significance of low recoil, completely eliminating it has made the MW2 weapon a favored option for Resurgence. Although its bullet velocity may not be the most impressive, utilizing the optimal Kastov 762 loadout can effectively address its weaknesses and enable it to rival the top weapons in the game.

Ever since it was released, the “zero recoil” Assault Rifle has gained widespread attention on social media. Many content creators have showcased its effectiveness, particularly for players seeking no recoil setups.

Among the list is WhosImmortal, who also noted that while its TTK may not match that of other meta weapons, the absence of recoil allows for a higher chance of landing multiple shots compared to other guns.

Although its TTK is approximately 800ms, which is slower than the MCW or MTZ-556’s ~700ms TTK, the increased precision greatly enhances its value by closing the TTK difference.

If you struggle with maintaining a straight aim while shooting, the Kastov 762 with the JAK Requiem Aftermarket Part may be the perfect choice for you in Warzone, particularly on maps such as Rebirth Island or Vondel.

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