Former Member of K-pop Group T-ARA, Areum, Hospitalized Again Amid Allegations of Drug Abuse and Child Abduction

On June 4, Areum, a former member of T-ARA, released a statement refuting accusations of child abuse and drug use. She clarified that she was not aware of any investigation by the prosecution and emphasized that she is currently hospitalized due to stress.

“This is ridiculous! During the first custody meeting, my first child (5 years old) told me that he had been abused by my ex-husband, so I took him with me, and we were both investigated.

I have thoroughly undergone police investigations regarding this matter. Even the investigators sided with me at the time.”

Areum expressed her disbelief regarding the “child abuse”allegations, stating that her child’s disclosure of abuse by her ex-husband prompted the investigation.

“At that time, my ex-husband had someone else prescribe diet pills for him, manipulated the evidence then filed a lawsuit. I underwent a humiliating investigation, even having my hair pulled out for testing. I was, of course, cleared of all charges.”

Additionally, she refuted the drug accusations, claiming that her ex-husband had tampered with evidence during their divorce proceedings.

Despite being recommended for indictment on child welfare violations in May, Areum maintained her innocence and continued to cooperate with authorities during the investigations into these claims.

As the legal dispute intensified, Areum made disturbing revelations, accusing her former spouse of abusing their two sons and revealing her own traumatic encounters with domestic violence.

These surprising statements only served to further complicate an already heated situation.

  • People can be deceiving and become a complete different person after marriage. And yes you can divorce but you’ll never get back the time, money, and emotions you wasted on the marriage.
  • She was in hospital for trying to end her life not so long ago now she’s charged for this mhmm
  • Divorce and child custody can be so messyDivorce and child custody can be so messy
  • I rember when she was accusing others of abuse, and now she is abusing her own children. Gurl bye. Lock her and throw away the key
  • She has been making up a different story every time, she talked about being beaten and kicked in the face but she only had a small scratch, and she has been making up victim stories to scam her fans. She is certainly not a trustworthy person.

Unexpectedly, more accusations came to light involving Areum and her partner, C, casting doubt on her previous remarks.

Reports surfaced alleging that Areum and C had falsely obtained money from people they knew by falsely claiming it was for medical expenses, leading to significant public debate.

Despite claiming that the couple’s actions were a result of a hacking incident, doubts continued to surround them.

Despite increasing speculation and heightened scrutiny, Areum made a definitive decision to end her relationship with C, signaling a significant change in the ongoing saga surrounding the former K-pop star’s turbulent personal life.

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