Fan or Foe? Woman Involved in NCT Sex Scandal Makes Cryptic Statement

On June 5, 2024, the K-pop scene in Seoul, South Korea was shaken by allegations against Haechan and Johnny, two prominent members of the popular boy band NCT, which surfaced on June 4, 2024.

The accusations, which involved allegations of participating in sexual acts with workers in the nightlife industry, caused a ripple effect among both fans and the general public.

Nevertheless, the allegations took an unexpected turn when it was uncovered that the purported nightlife employees were actually devoted supporters of the idols.

The allegations against NCT’s agency, SM Entertainment, were promptly refuted in an official statement.

Despite SM Entertainment’s denial, Rio, one of the people involved in the controversy, turned to Instagram to livestream and respond to the allegations.

The controversy quickly gained attention during the late live session on June 4, as Rio shared her perspective.

During her livestream, Rio made multiple statements that were later translated into Korean by a Twitter user. These statements both confirmed and denied various aspects of the allegations.

“Did you really do a five-way? Since there are many fans of Korean idols [tuning in], yeah, the comments are all in Korean. This is the first time I’m getting so many Korean comments,”-Rio

Her remarks indicated that although certain aspects of the tale could be accurate, the complete storyline was more intricate.

Rio went on to answer particular inquiries from viewers, including discussing the details of her interactions with Johnny.

Despite emphatically denying allegations of drug use and prostitution, she left room for ambiguity when it came to other aspects of the scandal.

Not all of it are untrue. A portion of it is true. As for which part is true and which part is a lie, I want to tell you guys that you guys can figure it out for yourself, but since the company is denying it, well, you guys can just believe them then,”-Rio

The Instagram livestream was filled with daring inquiries and Rio’s frank answers.

A specific moment that garnered a lot of attention was when a question was asked about Johnny’s language preferences during intimate moments, and Rio responded with humor.

“Does Johnny speak English or Korean during intercourse? LOL. You’re the worst LOL.”-Rio

Additionally, Rio confronted a prevalent allegation of financial transactions taking place in these scandals.

“We did not receive any money from them,”she stated, refuting the idea that any illegal financial transaction had occurred.

Despite ongoing developments, fan reactions to this story have been varied, with some expressing disbelief while others have shown support for Haechan and Johnny.

Despite SM Entertainment’s firm denial, Rio’s more nuanced account of events has left fans and the public to piece together the truth, highlighting the stark contrast between the two perspectives.

This event underscores the significant level of scrutiny and stress that K-pop idols encounter, as their private lives are frequently the subject of public interest and conjecture.

As NCT continues their promotional activities, both fans and industry observers will closely monitor the group’s future responses and actions.

In today’s society, where false information can quickly spread through the internet, the escalation of this controversy highlights the importance of critically evaluating both legitimate declarations and individual accounts.

The true consequences of these accusations on Haechan, Johnny, and the entirety of NCT have yet to be determined, as all parties involved continue to search for the truth.

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