Silent Pokemon Go Avatar Update Causes Divided Reactions Among Players

After the disastrous avatar updates in April 2024, Pokemon Go players were taken aback by an unexpected change. However, this time they were unsure of its implications.

The changes made to the avatar in Pokemon Go were heavily criticized by players, with many even calling for a rollback and expressing their disinterest in the feature. Despite Niantic’s reassurance that they were working on a solution, there were no visible improvements.

After approximately two months since the problem first arose, followers have observed certain enhancements to their virtual characters and physical appearances, but are struggling to determine whether it is a positive or negative change. This situation was triggered by a Reddit user named ‘Ok-Tea-3903’ who inquired, “Did anyone else notice a lightening of their skin tone overnight?”in a post on Reddit.

Did anyone else’s skin tone lighten overnight? 👀🤔 byu/Ok-Tea-3903 inpokemongo

Many users flocked to the comments section and acknowledged that their Pokemon Go avatars had changed significantly. However, opinions were divided, with some stating “Mine got a pretty bad sunburn,””My character definitely feels less flat,”and “Mine turned a bit orange.”

The trainer remarked that their character’s appearance had changed; they had noticed that their character had become darker and their husband’s character had acquired red tones as the developers attempted to add shadows. They also pointed out that their husband’s character had become thinner and now had a defined jawline. The trainer found it amusing to observe the developers quietly and gradually fixing the issues with the flawed update they had released.

Despite the majority of the community having their avatar skin tones darkened, they were quick to rectify the issue. However, some members pointed out that the clothing still did not fit properly and there were also odd proportions in certain areas of the body.

Despite some fans commenting that the appearance was “very off,”others raved about the new and “well-sculpted”look. However, it was unanimously agreed that these changes were quite a departure from the familiar look that had been maintained for over seven years.

Despite this, it is clear that there is now a greater variety in body proportions, and trainers have the ability to adjust the settings to personalize their appearance and continue their journey to capture all Pokemon in the game.

During this time, make sure to check out the updated schedule for Pokemon Go Raids and Spotlight Hour in June 2024, along with the newest features added through the Shared Skies Season update.

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