Fortnite Players Express Disappointment with Fallout Crossover Event

Fortnite gamers are calling on Epic Games to further develop the Fallout partnership, as the only in-game additions thus far have been a bobblehead back bling and the Power Armor in the Battle Pass.

The theme of Fallout was initially hinted at with the introduction of the Brotherhood Power Armor for the season. However, aside from its inclusion in the battle pass, there were no further collaborations related to the game.

Fortnite incorporated Nuka Cola into the loot pool as a fresh healing item, however, the collaboration with Fallout concluded there.

Since the start of the season on May 24, there have been no new Fallout-themed cosmetics or items added.

The release of a bobblehead back bling in the Fortnite shop without a matching skin or pickaxe caused player excitement to decrease. As a result, the community is urging Fortnite to further develop this collaboration before the season concludes.

A devoted Fallout fan and lover of post-apocalyptic themes, I have been eagerly checking the store every morning this season in hopes of seeing The Ghoul from the Fallout series or the Ranger skin from Fallout New Vegas. However, after much disappointment, I have sadly given up hope, as expressed by one player on a Reddit post.

So is it literally just the bobblehead? that’s the entire fallout collab’s shop selection? byu/mystireon inFortNiteBR

Similarly, there were other Reddit community members who shared the same frustrations, stating their desire for the opportunity to buy something from the franchise as well.

Several comments proposed that Fortnite take inspiration from the Amazon Prime series and incorporate the main character Lucy into the game.

“Another user mentioned the meme with the vault uniforms, saying they would have gladly taken that if they knew this is what the Vault Boy back bling would look like. They were discussing the Falout themed back bling in this post.”

Fortnite still has numerous weeks remaining in the Chapter 5 Season 3 season, allowing the potential for further collaborations.

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