Fortnite Players Demand Colorful Updates in Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite players have expressed their desire for certain visual changes to be reinstated in the game, citing the current season’s “dull”colors as a reason for their request.

The unexpected vehicle meta in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3 also introduced an all-new Reload game mode, featuring classic POIs and weapons. This new addition has been met with great enthusiasm and has quickly become a fan favorite, with the player count surpassing other modes.

Reload allows new players who have recently started playing the Battle Royale to experience what it was like during the early seasons of Fortnite. However, the changes don’t stop there – the graphics have also been updated to reflect the visuals from previous seasons, staying true to the OG vibe of Reload.

The topic of Fortnite players desiring the return of OG graphics has been ongoing, and after the release of Reload, some players shared on an X forum that they would like to see changes in the grass and color visuals across all Fortnite modes. They believe that the community has made it apparent that they prefer lush green grass and vibrant colors over the dull and realistic colors.

The points of interest in Fortnite are regularly updated each season, introducing fresh biomes, details, NPCs, and more. As a result, it is not surprising to witness a change in the color palette throughout the entire map.

“To be honest, I am not someone who longs for the old stuff like many original players. I consider myself a new school player, having joined in Chapter 4 and mostly playing from then on (although I did start in C2S8). And in my opinion, the previous trend of biome coloration was much more preferable.”

A different user commented, “I completely agree. I truly wish that the popularity of OG and Reload has demonstrated something to Epic. They now have an opportunity to revisit their previous formula in CH6.”

At the same time, a user highlighted that the “realistic graphics”were causing significant performance problems for them.

They mentioned, “I experienced my topmost gameplay in Fortnite OC since chapter 2, but it was short-lived. After they introduced unreal 5 and hyper-realistic elements, the game feels like a potato in every match.”

Another individual added, “I do miss the liveliness that previous seasons had.”

Ultimately, although some comments expressed satisfaction with the current season’s style, it is evident that certain players are longing for the aesthetics of past seasons. However, as the theme changes with each season, there remains the potential for the visuals to take a different direction in the future.

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