TikToker Fakes Illness to Catch Flight and Gets Caught by Boss on Plane

A TikToker was embarrassed when she called in sick at work to catch a flight, but then ended up running into her boss on the same plane.

Grace (grachevaaleidya), a popular content creator with a following of more than 116,600, recently shared a video on TikTok where she captured the awkward moment of running into her manager on the same flight.

The 23-year-old wrote about the coincidence of her taking a sick day from work and ending up on the same plane as her manager in a viral video with over 891,000 views.

During the clip, Grace can be seen making a grimace at the camera. The video then transitions to a screenshot of blurred messages between her and her boss, who remains anonymous with his face concealed.

As reported by Newsweek, the freelancer, who divides her time between Europe and her hometown in Bali, Indonesia, had to travel back to her home country. She notified her employers that she would be unable to work that day, citing a doctor’s appointment as the reason.

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“In short, while waiting in line, I noticed a familiar face approaching me. It was my boss, who frequently visits Bali. Upon recognizing me before the flight, he sarcastically asked, “So, this is a hospital?”

The content creator’s TikTok followers were horrified, with one even commenting, “I would be reduced to tears and hand in my resignation letter.”Another chimed in, “Honestly, I would probably just jump off the plane.”

Despite being surprised to see her manager, Grace shared that they ended up “laughing together.”She revealed to Newsweek that they talked all the way to the airplane and even took a picture inside, which he later sent to her.

Despite not specifying the reason, the TikToker stated in the comments that both she and her boss had ultimately resigned.

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