Free Game Time Given as Apology for FFXIV Dawntrail Launch Issues

The developers of Final Fantasy XIV have announced that they will be providing players with up to eight days of complimentary game time as compensation for the issues that arose during the release of the new Dawntrail expansion.

The introduction of Dawntrail has generally been a seamless experience for the majority of Final Fantasy XIV players. While there were some anticipated wait times to enter the game, there were minimal glitches and complications that hindered the community from fully enjoying all of the fresh content.

Despite some challenges faced by Xbox users during the launch, there was a pesky bug that caused players to freeze when moving between areas.

Final Fantasy XIV recently experienced downtime in order to resolve issues specifically affecting Xbox players. As an apology for any inconvenience caused, the developers are offering free game time to those who were affected.

FFXIV Kozamauka Zone
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion sees you explore the new world of Tural.

The developers have stated in a blog post on July 5, 2024 that players will receive different lengths of play time based on the console they use.

As the issues had the greatest impact on Xbox players, the developers have decided to provide them with a total of eight days of free game time. Distribution of these days will begin on July 10 and may take approximately two to three days to be fully distributed.

Gamers on PC and PlayStation will also receive two days of game time for free as compensation. The distribution process for these free days will coincide with the Xbox game time and may take a few days to be completed.

There is no action required on your part to receive this complimentary game time. It will be automatically credited to your account, giving you the opportunity to complete more of the main scenario quests at your own pace.

It should be acknowledged that the problems currently being experienced by Xbox players have not been completely resolved. However, the developers are fully aware of these issues and are actively working to address them as a “top priority”with the assistance of their engineers.

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