One Piece: Major Predictions for Chapter 1120 Spoilers

The most recent installments of the popular manga series One Piece by author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda have been filled with significant revelations for the story. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of chapter 1120, which is set to be officially released in Japan on Monday, July 15, 2024, and are hoping that this trend will continue.

As of writing, there are currently no confirmed spoilers for the upcoming release of One Piece. With Japan’s continuous efforts to combat manga piracy in 2024, it is highly improbable that fans will come across any spoilers.

Fortunately, the upcoming One Piece chapter is expected to be quite predictable, even without the aid of spoilers. The only aspect that remains a mystery is which of the two routes will be the main focus of the issue. While it appears more likely that there will be an update on Nami’s group, there is also a possibility that the focus will remain on Luffy, the Giant Warrior Pirates, and Emeth, the Ancient Robot (also known as the Iron Giant).

The Future of One Piece: Predicting One of Two Major Routes for the Upcoming Release

The next issue of One Piece is expected to center on the events of Nami’s group, following their conversation with Sanji in chapter 1119. In chapter 1120, Nami is likely to initiate the launch of the ship, following advice from Roronoa Zoro and Jinbe to leave without them and reunite later.

Similarly, Nami’s hesitation should be highlighted as a result of this decision, causing the attention to shift towards Zoro and Jinbe, who will most likely be engaged in a battle against Gorosei member Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro. While Zoro may be facing Nusjuro alone, Jinbe is expected to lend his aid as their ultimate objective is to create a distraction and flee rather than emerge victorious.

Additionally, Nusjuro’s ability to effortlessly handle both situations should be demonstrated as he and Zoro engage in a discussion about their swords and origins as swordsmen. This further solidifies the fact that Nusjuro possesses the Shodai Kitetsu, adding an additional element to the ongoing conflict. As a result, it is highly probable that the next installment of One Piece will end with Zoro dealing a powerful strike to Nusjuro, leaving readers on a cliffhanger for the next release.

If chapter 1120 shifts its focus to Luffy’s group, it is highly likely that it will begin with confirmation on whether or not Emeth injured Gorosei member Saint Topman Warcury. It is expected that Emeth’s attack caused Warcury’s injury, leading Luffy to attempt to persuade the robot to teach him how to harm the Gorosei as well.

Upon seeing Luffy take on the role of Joy Boy, Emeth may be reminded of Zunesha’s similar recognition in the past. This could potentially lead to Luffy drawing comparisons between the two. In such a scenario, fans can anticipate Emeth sharing his thoughts on Zunesha and their roles as allies of Joy Boy, as well as any potential personal history between them. It is highly probable that Zunesha’s supposed wrongdoing will be linked to Emeth’s past or existence in some manner.

Fans should also pay attention to the Gorosei, who will most likely confirm that Emeth caused Warcury’s injury and acknowledge that the situation is escalating. The situation could potentially escalate further as Imu contacts them and warns of the use of the Ancient Weapon Uranus, powered by the Mother Flame, to destroy Egghead Island due to their failures.

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