G-Dragon Still Misses ‘Infinite Challenge’ and Jung Hyung-don After 10 Years

On July 7th, G-Dragon shared an Instagram story with his followers. The photo captured a selfie of G-Dragon in an elevator, flaunting his casual attire.

Jung Hyung-don G-Dragon Infinite Challenge

During the past MBC show ‘Infinite Challenge,’ G-Dragon shared a photo with a caption. In the photo, Jung Hyung-don hilariously commented on G-Dragon’s distinctive fashion style.

In addition, he garnered attention by selecting Hyungdon and Daejun’s “Give Me Beans”as the background music.

During previous episodes of ‘Infinite Challenge,’ G-Dragon was frequently playfully teased by Jung Hyung-don for his fashion choices, creating an entertaining dynamic for viewers.

In 2013, the two also received the award for Best Couple at the MBC Entertainment Awards.

Despite more than a decade passing since his appearance on ‘Infinite Challenge,’ G-Dragon’s mention of Jung Hyung-don has once again sparked the interest of fans.

G-Dragon was recently appointed as a visiting professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at KAIST, attracting attention from the public. He will hold this position for two years, until June 2026. In addition, he was designated as KAIST’s global ambassador, aiding in the university’s international promotion efforts. G-Dragon is also set to release a solo album in the latter half of this year.

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