Lee Chaeyeon Addresses Rumors of Fighting with Younger Sister Chaeryeong

Chaeyeon was the guest on the YouTube channel ‘New Face’ when a video titled ‘Singer who steals from her mom’s wallet to dance well’ was uploaded on July 6th.

The host inquired about Chaeyeon’s tips for dancing with the lightness of a feather. In response, Chaeyeon advised that the key is to minimize the contact of one’s feet with the ground, creating a feeling of weightlessness.

Lee Chaeyeon

When questioned about her practice techniques, Chaeyeon revealed, “Don’t you raise your heels when you sneakily take money from your mother’s wallet?”

The host inquired, “Did you indeed practice dancing by taking small amounts from your mother’s wallet?”Chaeyeon confessed, “I did take some money a few times, but it was only on rare occasions.”

The host brought up the rumor that Chaeyeon has a habit of stealing. This includes instances such as taking her sister’s clothes, claiming her bed, and even stealing coupons on a show.

Chaeyeon expressed her concern, saying, “I hope this doesn’t make me seem like I have a habit of stealing,”when asked about it being referred to as “Chaeyeon’s stealing habit.”She then clarified, “I didn’t actually steal my sister’s clothes, did I?”showing some hesitation. However, she went on to explain, “I took the coupons on the show for entertainment purposes. It was meant to be funny and I had carefully considered it.”

When her younger sisters, including ITZY’s Chaeryeong, her youngest sister Chaemin, and their pet dogs Cherri and Cheso were mentioned, Chaeyeon also began to give compliments.

Chaeyeon complimented Cherri and Cheso, stating that they were both incredibly adorable and never seemed to age. She expressed her envy towards their ability to maintain a flawless complexion without the need for a dermatologist. Additionally, she mentioned that Cherri was even able to understand spoken words. Whenever their family would raise their voices, Cherri would immediately run up to the second floor.

On the subject of Chaemin, she was frank and stated, “She can be quite mischievous.” As for Chaeryeong, she admitted that they don’t keep in touch as much due to Chaeryeong’s busy touring schedule.

Changho Lee brought up the potential for disagreement when he inquired, “Is everything alright with your sister?”Chaeyeon responded, “There’s no issue. However, it seems like things have been more business-focused lately.”

During an interview, Chaeyeon shared, “My sister most likely desires to be my complete opposite. She wishes to project an image of composure, sophistication, and maturity, unlike my playful and mischievous personality.”This candid statement exposed her sister’s genuine sentiments.

The host inquired, “You also look very elegant now. Are you holding back?”Chaeyeon responded, “I am holding back a little bit. My sister takes care of me and is very thoughtful, but I also take care of her and think a lot for her. She depends on me and I am her confident big sister.”

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