Genshin Impact Clorinde Build Guide

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of Genshin Impact Version 4.7 on May 6, 2024. One of the most highly anticipated characters in Fontaine, the champion duelist Clorinde, is now available to be wished for by players.

Clorinde is a top-tier electro DPS character who specializes in utilizing the BOND OF LIFE mechanics. She is a valuable addition to any team composition and works well with Dendro characters. However, her playstyle may be challenging for certain players.

Rest assured, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of everything related to her, including top artifacts, weapons, and team compositions. Without any delay, let’s begin.


Clorinde is a user of the Electro Sword, utilizing its electro-infused normal attacks to deal damage. Similar to Arlecchino, her overall damage output heavily relies on BOND OF LIFE (BOL).

Clorinde Best Artifact
Clorinde Best Artifact | Source: Genshin Impact (In-game screenshot)

The Fragment of the Harmonic Whimsy is her top choice for an artifact set, as it grants significant boosts depending on BOL. The 2-piece set offers an 18% increase in ATK, while the 4-piece set increases damage by 54% when BOL fluctuates.

Nevertheless, we have included some additional options below.

Artifacts 2-pc Bonus 4-pc Bonus
Thundering Fury Electro DMG Bonus +15% Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Hyperbloom, and Aggravate.
Gladiator’s Finale ATK +18% If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.
Military Police Hunter Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%. When current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for 5s. Max 3 stacks.
Mixed Artifacts Any attack, electro damage bonus, or normal attack set.

A new player just starting out may find the 4-star artifact Instructor to be a great choice. Its 4-piece bonus is particularly beneficial, as it increases the Elemental Mastery of all party members by 120 whenever a reaction occurs.


Balanced Stat Example
Balanced Stat Example | Source: Genshin Impact (In-game screenshot)

Once you have determined which artifacts to utilize, your top priority should be to concentrate on the main and sub-stats. As with any primary damage-dealing character, she requires a favorable CRIT ratio (at least 60:140).

In addition, it is important for her to have a substantial ATK stat between 1500-2000, as well as some Elementary Mastery if she is used in Dendro teams. Please consult the table below for further clarification.

Artifact Piece Main Stat Sub Stat Priority
Sands ATK %/ EM (Situational) CRIT Rate/ DMG ATK%Elemental Mastery (EM)Energy Recharge %
Goblet Electro Damage Bonus (Always)
Circlet CRIT Rate/ DMG

Types of Weapons

5-star Weapon for Clorinde
5-star weapon for Clorinde | Source: Genshin Impact (In-game screenshot)

One of the rules of gacha games is that five-star weapons typically surpass four-star weapons in performance. Clorinde has various five-star choices available, but her signature weapon, Absolution, is the most suitable for her.

This weapon significantly boosts her Base ATK (674) and provides a considerable amount of CRIT DMG (44.1 and 20 from passive). Additionally, it enhances her damage by 48% when BOL increases.

Other Five-star Weapons

Weapon Base ATK Under the State
Mistsplitter Reforged 674 44.1% CRIT DMG
Light of Foliar Incision 542 88.2 CRIT DMG
Haran Geppaku Futs 608 33.1 CRIT Rate
Uraku Misugiri 542 88.2 CRIT DMG

Clorinde’s Best Four-Star Weapon is F2P

4-star Weapon for Clorinde
4-star weapon for Clorinde | Source: Genshin Impact (In-game screenshot)

When discussing options that are rated 4 stars, there are not a lot to choose from. However, the positive aspect is that Fontaine’s Finale of the Deep, a craftable weapon, is her top choice for those playing without spending money.

The weapon offers easy refinement and provides excellent buffs. It boasts a base ATK of 565 and an additional 27.6% ATK. Furthermore, it grants extra BOL and ATK when a character utilizes an Elemental Skill, making it a perfect fit for Clorinde’s Kit.

Skills and Abilities

Clorinde Talents
Clorinde Talents | Source: Genshin Impact (In-game Screenshot)

This is the most vital aspect of Clorinde’s gameplay. Despite the detailed description of her skills, we are here to assist you in comprehending it.

Despite relying on Normal Attacks to inflict damage, her true potential lies in her Elemental Skill and Passive. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on utilizing her Elemental Skill and Burst rather than her basic attacks.

Elemental Skill
  • She activates the “Night Vigil”state, imbuing her pistol’s regular attacks with electricity.
  • Gets BOL upto 100% of her max HP. If her BOL is less than 100% (100% BOL means half of her health bar will be covered with BOL)
  • Normal attacks deal more damage and pierce through enemies when her BOL is less than or equal to 100%.
  • After using her Skill again, she is able to clear 100% BOL.
  • Skill inflicts increased damage when BOL is at least 100%.
Special Attack
  • Deals 5 instances of damage and grants BOL.
  • Increases normal attack damage by 60% when any character triggers an electro-reaction.
Passive Voice in Writing
  • When her BOL changes, she receives a 20% increase in CRIT Rate. Additionally, all external healing is completely converted to BOL.

After examining the given information and thoroughly testing the character, it is advised to prioritize her Elemental Skill at least up to level 8. Subsequently, it is suggested to focus on increasing her Elemental Burst to at least level 7. These two abilities play a pivotal role in maximizing her damage potential, allowing for less emphasis on her basic attacks.


While Clorinde’s strongest team is made up mostly of dendro, hydro, and anemo characters, there are numerous potential combinations for new and enjoyable teams. We have compiled a list of the top five teams featuring Clorinde that you can experiment with.

  • Clorinde Hyper– Clorinde, Fischl, Nahida/ Baizhu, Kazuha/ Zhongli.
  • Clorinde Quickbloom– Clorinde, Kuki, Furina, Nahida
  • Clorinde Overload– Clorinde, Fischl, Bennett, Chevreuse
  • Clorinde Taser– Clorinde, Fischl, Yelan/ Xingqui, Kazuha/ Sucrose
  • Clorinde Mono Electro– Clorinde, Fischl, Beidou/ Kujou Sara (C6), Kazuha
Free-to-Play Teams

These teams are specifically designed for beginner players and only feature Clorinde as a five-star character, excluding any other five-star characters. They are highly recommended for beginners.

  • Clorinde F2P Quickbloom– Clorinde, Yaoyao/ Dendro MC, Xingqui, Fischl/ Kuki
  • Clorinde F2P Hypercarry– Clorinde, Yaoyao/ Dendro MC, Sucrose, Fischl

Tips for Playing Clorinde Effectively

To effectively play Clorinde, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of her gameplay, particularly the correct utilization of her Elemental Skill. The majority of Clorinde’s team operates in a similar manner, and we have provided the appropriate rotation sequence below.

  • Use your second electro character to apply Electro.
  • Use your anemo unit to swirl it, resulting in resistance shred of the specific element.
  • Apply a third element (dendro, hydro, or pyro) if you have them in your team.
  • Switch to Clorinde and follow the following rotation

Elemental Burst – (Elemental Skill – 3 Normal Attacks – Elemental Skill – Repeat until your skill is on cooldown)

  • Repeat from step one.

Well done, you now possess a complete understanding of Clorinde’s gameplay.

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