New Kurogiri Look-alike Appears: My Hero Academia Chapter 425 Spoilers

After the intense battle came to an end, our heroes and the nation are gradually recovering from the aftermath. There is a glimmer of hope as foreign heroes have joined in the efforts of reconstruction. We are eagerly anticipating the reveal of Class 1-A’s fate in the near future.

Despite not being released until June 9, 2024, spoilers for Chapter 425 have already been leaked. As expected, the fate of Class 1-A has been unveiled.

Graduation Ceremony for Third-Year Students

“Titled “Out-of-season,”Chapter 425 of My Hero Academia focuses on the graduation ceremony for the third-year students. The chapter opens with Tamaki and Nejire receiving their diplomas, while some male students express their melancholy over Nejire’s departure from the school.”

Hadou Nejire, Togata Mirio, and Amajaki Tamaki
Nejire Hado, Mirio Togata, and Tamaki Amajaki | Source: Fandom

Present Mic serves as the DJ, striving to infuse energy into the graduation ceremony despite the absence of cherry blossoms. Kirishima expresses that it feels more like a festive gathering rather than a traditional graduation ceremony. The narration discloses that these events take place in the month of June according to the story’s timeline.

After that, Tamaki asks about Nejire’s injuries, and Nejire expresses gratitude towards Mirio Togata for looking after them while they were at the flying U.A. The narration also discloses that Nezu holds great influence in the world, having played a crucial role in Japan’s rebuilding and diplomatic relations with other nations.

Farewell Speech by Togata Mirio at U.A.

As Mic expressed his gratitude to Mawata Fuwa for the students’ speech, he invited Mirio Togata, the representative of the graduating class, to join him on stage. To everyone’s surprise, Mirio began his speech with a formal introduction instead of his usual jokes, leaving the audience pleasantly surprised.

Togata was surprised
Mirai Togata | Source: Crunchyroll

Despite utilizing all of their training from U.A. to assist in the war effort, Mirio acknowledged that they had not yet reached a state of complete recovery. He stressed that their three years of preparation had not led them to their ultimate goal, and the end was still far from sight.

He emphasized the importance of humor in creating a bright future and stated that their aim was to foster a world filled with positivity, rather than negativity, where everyone could experience joy.

As he bid farewell to Sir Nighteye, Mirio activated his quirk, causing the Kenranzaki Bibimi giant eyelashes car to crash onto the stage, which brought laughter from all the students. As the event came to an end, Mirio also said goodbye to the students who were about to enter their second and third years.

The Resignation of Aoyama and the Addition of Shinso to Class 2-A

Shoto Aizawa is still the homeroom teacher for class 2-A, to the delight of everyone, as they have been promoted from class 1-A.

Yuga Aoyama
Yuga Aoyama | Source: Fandom

Aizawa calls for Aoyama to join him in the classroom, where he reveals his choice to depart from U.A. He clarifies that while Tsukauchi has allowed him to stay, he believes it is in his best interest to leave. He recognizes that he had no rightful place at the third year’s graduation ceremony as he only joined U.A. at the request of All For One.

Shinso | Source: Fandom

Aoyama tearfully shares his determination to begin his journey towards becoming a hero. Touched by Deku’s encouragement, Aoyama offers him some cheese and makes a promise to Aizawa that he will one day stand alongside his comrades. In a lighthearted gesture, Aoyama playfully shoots lasers in every direction, revealing a surprise announcement that Shinso will be joining class 2-A.

Under the guidance of Mawata Fuwa, the second and third years are briefed about their upcoming tasks in the classroom. Their responsibilities include traveling around the country to ensure safety and provide assistance with reconstruction.

Despite being mentioned by Shoto as being born during a chaotic period, much of the chaos surrounding AFO and the battle of Jaku will remain undocumented as history books focus primarily on the time after All Might’s retirement.

A Mysterious Character Introduced

After the end of classes, the students eagerly discuss the arrival of the new first years tomorrow. When Deku approaches Uraraka to speak, she immediately notices his shaved head from his recent surgery and expresses her hope that his hair will grow back soon. Sato compliments Tokoyami on his new frizzy hairstyle, which he hadn’t planned on but still smiles in response.

Kurogiri | Source: Viz

In the panel, Uraraka is shown smiling while Deku maintains a solemn expression. The focus then shifts to a mysterious man walking through the destroyed streets, panting and crying. This unfamiliar character has black hair and is dressed in a similar manner to Kurogiri after his arrest. He reaches out to touch a wall of a demolished house.

Deku inquires with Shoto about Aoyama’s farewell party, and Shoto affirms his attendance, as long as it is not scheduled for today. Despite Deku’s concerned expression, Shoto assures him that he will manage. The scene then shifts to Endeavor, who is seated in a wheelchair and facing a colossal machine.

Following the release of chapter 425, the manga will be on a break for 2 weeks.

About My Hero Academia

Kōhei Horikoshi is the author and illustrator of My Hero Academia, a Japanese superhero manga series. It has been running in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014 and currently has 37 tankōbon volumes as of February 2023.

The story centers around Izuku Midoriya, a boy without a quirk, and his journey to become the greatest Hero. Midoriya has idolized heroes since he was born, but unfortunately, he was born into a world where most people are born with a quirk.

On a fateful day, Midoriya meets All Might, the greatest Hero of all time, and learns that he too was quirkless. His determination and unwavering desire to become a hero impresses All Might, who chooses him to inherit the power of One for All.

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