Getting Dog Coins in Palworld: A Guide

Discover the method for obtaining Dog Coins in Palworld, a recently introduced currency that enables you to buy a variety of convenient items and materials from an NPC.

The most recent Palworld update from Sakurajima not only added a variety of fresh Pals and locations, but also introduced helpful materials and items that can enhance your gameplay experience. A prime example is the Ring of Freight, which enables players to expand their carrying capacity.

A variety of recently introduced items and materials can now be purchased from a newly added NPC known as the Medal Merchant. This NPC allows you to utilize Dog Coins, a newly introduced currency in Palworld, to acquire a range of items.

However, what are the ways to obtain Dog Coins?

Palworld: How to Farm Dog Coins

A screenshot featuring items you can buy with Dog Coins in Palworld.

Dog Coins can be used to purchase various items in Palworld.

The initial method of obtaining Dog Coins in Palworld is through conquering Mimogs. These recently introduced companions, which resemble chests, were included in the Sakurajima update. They can be found throughout the island and appear at various times throughout the day and night.

Besides Mimogs, you may also come across Dog Coins while conquering hostile human adversaries, such as Syndicate Thugs. These foes can be encountered near Syndicate Outposts or when conducting raids at your base.

Alternatively, Dog Coins can also be obtained by looting scrap piles and treasure chests.

How to use Dog Coins in Palworld

A screenshot featuring the Ring of Freight location in Palworld.

Players can purchase the Ring of Freight with Dog Coins from the Medal Merchant in Palworld.

Once you have accumulated sufficient Dog Coins, you may go to the Medal Merchant NPC to buy various items and materials. To locate this vendor, simply make your way to a church or ruin within the game as this is the most probable spawn location for the NPC.

The Medal Merchant in Palworld offers a variety of items that can be purchased with Dog Coins. See the list below for all available options.

Medal Merchant Items Price
Mysterious Accessory Box 100
Box of Mystery Accessories 1000
Bad Hat 50
Lamball Helm 50
Cawgnito Hat 50
Dumud Helmet 50
Sibelyx Hat 50
Lyleen Floral Cap 50
Ring of Freight +1 50
Multiclimate Undershirt +1 100
Life Fruit 500
Power Fruit 500
Stout Fruit 500
Life Elixir 350
Stamina Elixir 350
Power Elixir 350
Speed Elixir 350
Carrying Elixir 350
Concentrated All Purpose Pal Extract 2000

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