Acquiring and Utilizing Lockpicking Tools in Palworld

From Skyrim to Fallout, video games have always featured lockpicking minigames. Thanks to the latest Sakurajima update, Palworld players can now also enjoy this feature.

In Palworld, players have the ability to pick locks on chests and take the treasures within. After all, who wouldn’t want to obtain resources for free? However, in order to do so, one must first craft a Lockpicking Tool.

How to get Lockpicking Tools in Palworld

A screenshot featuring lockpicking tool in Palworld.

You can unlock the Lockpicking Tool in Palworld from the Technology menu.

To acquire a Lockpick Tool, the initial step is to unlock it on the Technology Tree. There are three tiers of Lockpick Tools, beginning with the first tier, which becomes accessible at level 16, followed by the ones available at levels 28 and 51.

As the level increases, the resources required to create a lockpick also increase. This tradeoff results in the ability to unlock more advanced chests with higher-tier lockpicks.

Furthermore, once you have successfully created a Lockpick Tool, you will no longer need keys to access chests. This tool allows for infinite lockpicking. To obtain the Lockpick Tool, you must gather the required materials and craft it at the High-Quality Crafting Workbench. These materials include:

Lockpick Tool Tier Level Required Materials Chest Tier
Lockpicking Tool v1 16 – x10 Ingot– x10 Paldium Fragment– x5 Nail Copper
Lockpicking Tool v2 28 – x20 Ingot– x20 Paldium Fragment– x10 Nail Silver
Lockpicking Tool v3 51 – x30 Pal Metal Ingot– x30 Paldium Fragment– x20 Nail Gold

How to Use a Lockpick in Palworld

In order to successfully pick locks in Palworld, it is important to adjust the pick at the correct angle and carefully turn the lock. It is crucial to be patient and closely observe the animation as the lock is turned. If the lock begins to shake as if it is stuck, it is a sign that the pick is not in the correct position.

Remember that failing to lockpick has no consequences. Therefore, you can attempt it as many times as you want without worrying about losing your Lockpicking Tool.

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