Reviews for Yakumo Pal in Palworld

The Sakurajima Update added new Pals to Palworld, including Yakumo, an elemental creature with an ability that players have deemed “OP”.

The Sakurajima Update for Palworld included a total of 24 Pals – 14 regular Pals and 10 Fusion Pals, all of which added unique elements to the overall gameplay.

Naturally, players are already choosing their preferred options, attempting to determine which ones they should capture for their expanding Pal families.

Despite the fact that different players possess varying skills in planting, mining, and combat, there may be one Pal who stands out and proves to be the most beneficial. However, players are hoping that this particular Pal will not go unnoticed and will be given the opportunity to showcase its abilities.

Reddit user RayThompson7 brought awareness to a recently introduced Pal named Yakumo, advising other players not to underestimate the potential of the wolf-like creature.

The Redditor emphasized the Pal’s Birds of a Feather Partner Skill, which simplifies the process of encountering Pals with the same passive skill as Yakumo.

DO NOT Sleep on this Pal byu/RayThompson7 inPalworld

Many individuals in the thread were prompt to point out that Yakumo has the ability to greatly reduce the time spent breeding Pals for Palworld players.

“According to a player, that partner skill becomes overpowered when it is bred with desired passive skills.”

Another individual clarified, “This Pal introduces a strategy in which you can breed multiple Pals to obtain specific passive abilities for a few types of Pals… and then proceed to capture Pals that already possess those desired passives.”

Some also stated that they have already acknowledged Yakumo’s potential and are fully committed to utilizing the opportunities it presents.

“After hatching one of these yesterday, I immediately knew it would be my next breeding project,” states a comment on the post. “I plan on creating both a mount and a dps version.”

Despite the recent release of the Sakurajima Update, players are still in the process of discovering Yakumo’s long-term potential. However, it is evident that this elemental Pal shows great promise for now.

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