The One Spawn Pokemon Go Players Never Ignore

In Pokemon Go, there is a vast array of Pokemon waiting to be caught, and many players strive to catch them all. Nevertheless, there are certain Pokemon that fans simply cannot overlook, regardless of how many they encounter.

Every player has a Pokemon that they can’t resist catching, whether it’s a legendary, a shiny, or even a Pikachu sporting a new hat. Surprisingly, it’s not always the strongest Pokemon that players are after, as the community reveals. Sometimes, it’s the cutest, the most popular, or the elusive shiny that has evaded them for a long time.

One avid Pokemon Go player posed the question to the Reddit community, wondering if anyone else had a specific Pokemon they always make an effort to catch when it appears, even if they don’t necessarily need it. They also shared their own go-to catch, admitting that they can never resist a Bidoof.

Undoubtedly, Bidoof remains a beloved meme among the community, with numerous fans referring to it as a “deity”despite its abilities being just as restricted as a helpless Magikarp.

Anyone else have a Pokemon you always try to catch when it spawns even though you don’t actually need it? byu/Limp-Coconut3740 inpokemongo

Fans immediately took to sharing their essential catches, mentioning pocket monsters such as “Lotad,””Durant,”and “Any of the needs 400 candy to evolve”multiple times.

Despite several Pokemon being highly sought after, there was one that stood out as the most in-demand catch. Many players emphasized that they would never pass up the opportunity to catch an Eevee.

“One player expressed their fondness for Eevees, stating that they cannot resist them. They also mentioned that they find Eevees to be useful creatures. Being a self-proclaimed crazy cat person, they are drawn to all feline types such as Glameow, Sprigatito, and Skitty, but are not as fond of Meowth.”

“Additional comments included: “I have collected more than 2000 candies for Eevee but have yet to find a shiny. The only shiny Pokémon I have found are from events and therefore cannot be evolved.”

It is widely known that finding a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go can be quite difficult, which explains why players are constantly on the lookout for them in the wild. With so many different Eeveelutions to choose from, acquiring enough candy and strong Pokémon to fully utilize their potential is essential.

It is true that certain Pokemon are more scarce than others, but it is evident that the Pokemon Go community highly values Eevee – apologies to Bidoof, but Eevee comes out on top this time.

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