G(I)-DLE’s Miyeon Opens Up About Leaving the Dorm and Becoming Independent + Feeling Subtle Pressure

On July 10th, “Hyo’s Level Up”YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

During the video, Hyoyeon inquired, “Do you still live in the dorm?”Miyeon replied, “We have all relocated. I was the final one to move out. The company did not instruct me to leave, but there is a distinct difference between living in a personal space and living in a dorm.”

miyeon gi-dle

Despite all of the other members moving out, Hyoyeon still resides in the dorm. As the only member left, she essentially has a big house all to herself and sees no need to leave. Occasionally, Yuri will visit her, which always catches her off guard.

Miyeon shared, “I can relate to that. I also experienced living alone in the dorm and then unexpectedly having someone come in to use the shower.” She continued, “I could have stayed, but my fellow members kept reminding me of the contract’s end, which made me feel pressured. Eventually, I made the decision to move out when the contract expired. I thought it would be beneficial to have my own personal space.”

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