Kim So-hyun Shares Her Techniques for Immersing in Characters, “I’ve Been Acting for 16 Years”

On July 10th, actress Kim So-hyun made a guest appearance in the new video of “Inssadong Sulzzi”released by the YouTube channel “Studio USOG.”

Kim So-hyun shared that “Inssadong Sulzzi”was her first YouTube video that she filmed. As close friends, Lee Chae-yeon and Kim So-hyun decided to use casual language while filming the content.

During their conversation, they both mentioned that they were able to see each other five times a month. When discussing her initial thoughts about Kim So-hyun before they became friends, Lee Chae-yeon shared, “Perhaps it was because I had watched you act since you were young, but I thought I was older than you. I also assumed you were very reserved. I noticed that you only wore dresses and headbands outside of work, which gave off a very relaxed vibe.”

kim so hyun

During their conversation, Lee Chae-yeon inquired about Kim So-hyun’s process for fully embodying her character in a drama. Kim So-hyun admitted, “When I was younger, I used to approach my scripts like I was studying for a test. I would meticulously write down and memorize every detail. However, this would leave me drained after each shoot. Acting is my passion, and I didn’t want it to consume me. Though I would feel a sense of accomplishment, I also felt burnt out.”

She explained, “I prefer to first understand the overall structure and have a general idea before filming different scenes. This allows me to jump right into character.”Additionally, she mentioned, “I have been in the acting industry for 16 years now.”

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