Girl Group Attacked During Performance: Member Hit in the Face

Last weekend, tripleS hosted their fan concert, “Girls Never Stop,”at Samsung Hall in Ewha Womans University, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. They had the opportunity to meet and interact with their dedicated fans on both the 6th and 7th of the month.

This was the very first fan concert for tripleS since they formed their “24-member full group,”which generated a lot of excitement among their fans. Their enormous popularity was evident as all seats were sold out for both days. The group delivered a successful performance, featuring both full group and individual unit stages that highlighted their distinct styles.


At the end of their final performance, during the encore stage, an incident took place. Someone threw an object onto the stage, surprising the members who were bowing to show gratitude to their fans. While some managed to dodge the object, one member unfortunately got hit in the face and expressed pain by holding onto their face.

Despite receiving criticism from fans who witnessed the incident, the individual responsible for throwing the object posted an apology on X (formerly Twitter). They expressed regret for their actions, acknowledging that they should not have thrown the object and admitting that it could have caused harm to the members.


They explained, “I saw others throwing slogans, and I impulsively joined in. I did not intend to hit any members. However, feeling guilty, I posted an apology and I sincerely apologize to the members.”

In the past, singers have been startled, dodged, or even injured by objects unexpectedly flying onto the stage. As a result, throwing objects during concerts is usually not allowed, and artists are often strongly against this behavior. Those who do not follow this rule may also face criticism from other fans.


During this incident, a fan threw an object onto the stage, which was a dangerous and ultimately led to an accident. The situation has gained widespread attention not only within the tripleS fandom, but also on various social media platforms and online communities due to the fact that one of the members was hit in the face. As a result, there has been a significant amount of criticism and outrage expressed by many.

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