Shoshimin Episode 2 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch and More

Shoshimin episode 2 is set to release on Sunday, July 14, 2024, at 06:30 am JST. It will be aired in Japan on channels such as TV Asahi and its partners, while simultaneously being streamed on Crunchyroll for viewers around the world to watch.

The last episode introduced viewers to the main characters, Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai. Jogoro’s impressive deduction abilities were showcased when he solved the case of the stolen pochette, but the episode concluded with a heartbreaking event involving strawberry tarts.

Please note: The article contains spoilers.

Shoshimin Episode 2: Release Date and Time

Shoshimin (Image via Studio Lapin Track)
Shoshimin (Image via Studio Lapin Track)

As previously stated, the release date for Shoshimin episode 2 is scheduled for Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 06:30 am JST. Viewers in Japan will be able to start their day early with the episode’s release.

Simulcasting allows viewers from different parts of the world to tune in to the Japan release, depending on their time zone and location. The schedule below shows the available times for accessing the episode.

Time Zone Release Time Release Day Release Date
Pacific Daylight Time 02:30 pm Saturday July 13, 2024
Eastern Daylight Time 05:30 pm Saturday July 13, 2024
British Summer Time 10:30 pm Saturday July 13, 2024
Central European Time 11:30 pm Saturday July 13, 2024
Indian Standard Time 03:00 am Sunday July 14, 2024
Philippine Time 05:30 am Sunday July 14, 2024
Japanese Standard Time 06:30 am Sunday July 14, 2024
Australian Central Standard Time 07:00 am Sunday July 14, 2024

Where to watch Shoshimin episode 2?

Studio Lapin Track’s Shoshimin episode 2 will be released on the popular anime-streaming platform Crunchyroll. In Japan, the episode will also be shown on the NUMAnimation slot on 24 TV Asahi affiliates, BS Asahi, and other networks. In addition, it will have a simultaneous and exclusive broadcast on terrestrial TV, thanks to ABEMA.

The episode will also air simultaneously on channels including Ani-One, Aniplus TV, and Bahamut Anime Crazy, providing fans with the opportunity to enjoy it.

Shoshimin: Episode 1 Recap

Jogoru Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)
Jogoru Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)

In the first episode, Sheep Costume, the two main characters, Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai, were quickly introduced as they began their new journey at Funato High School. Viewers were also introduced to the important supporting character, Dojima Kengo.

Yuki’s fondness for strawberry tarts and desserts in general was emphasized as they continued on. The duo stopped at a cafe and indulged in their love for sweets. During their conversation, Jogoro mentioned that his parents were the owners of a confectionery shop specializing in Japanese treats.

This is also the place where viewers learn about the expectations of being ordinary. According to these expectations, an ordinary person must not draw attention to themselves and should strive for a peaceful daily life, avoiding anything that may disrupt it.

Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)
Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)

The setting then changes, likely to the following day, as Jogoro and Yuki are depicted on their way to purchase exclusive strawberry tarts. However, their outing is disrupted by Kengo, who brings Jogoro a case involving a stolen pochette. After some investigation, Jogoro manages to deduce the truth.

One student had grown fond of the pochette’s owner. In an attempt to confess his feelings, he tried to slip a love letter into it. However, upon reconsideration, he decided to hold onto the pochette until he could find the right time to return it.

The events then continued with Jogoro and Yuki’s recollection of a “promise”and their journey towards “normalcy”. The episode concluded with the duo successfully obtaining the last two exclusive Spring strawberry tarts. However, their elation was short-lived when they witnessed someone carelessly ruining the tarts in front of them.

What to expect from Episode 2 of Shoshimin

Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)
Jogoro Kobato and Yuki Osanai (Image via Studio Lapin Track)

Studio Lapin Track has adapted the prologue, chapter 1, and the first part of chapter 2 from the source material for the series. Based on this pacing, it is expected that Shoshimin episode 2 will cover the remaining parts of chapter 2 (2, 3, 4) and potentially introduce the next chapter before concluding.

In the second episode, after the unfortunate incident with the strawberry tarts, Yuki would be visibly upset and decide to skip school the following day. Jogoro would once again encounter Kengo and require his “wisdom work”. Asuke Katsube would also make an appearance and present another case to him.

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