Go Youn-jung’s Personal Project: Faces of 80 Staff Members Another Heartwarming Story After Long Padded Coat Gifts

Not long ago, snacks and beverages prepared to celebrate the conclusion of tvN’s drama “Resident Playbook”were shared through their SNS by a coffee truck event company.

The company shared that in addition to the photos, actress Go Youn-jung kindly provided sweet snacks and beverages for all the actors and staff. She also went the extra mile by personally designing stickers with the faces of over 80 staff members and distributing them along with the drinks as a gesture of appreciation for everyone who had worked with her.

go yoon jung

The photographs included a heartfelt message from Go Youn-jung herself, expressing her gratitude. She mentioned that although she received numerous birthday wishes and gifts, she felt remorseful for not being able to celebrate each staff member’s special day. She was moved to tears on many occasions by their hard work and dedication, even though she couldn’t express it. As a token of appreciation, she wanted to thank the staff who always gave their best, regardless of the weather or exhaustion. She also thanked the kind individuals who played a vital role in shaping her character, Oh Yi-young, through their warmth and encouragement.

Go Youn-jung, an art major, displayed her skills by creating portraits of more than 80 staff members. This considerate gesture evoked expressions of gratitude from many staff members. One individual stated, “This reverse gift was incredibly moving and almost brought me to tears, but I managed to contain my emotions.”

Go Yoon-jung

In the past, it had been reported that while filming “Resident Playbook”during the winter season, Go Youn-jung generously gifted long padded coats to approximately 100 staff members, which gained widespread attention. This thoughtful gesture has continued to impress netizens, who have left comments such as “She appears to be very considerate and kind”and “Her heart is just as lovely as her appearance.”

“In addition, “Resident Playbook”, featuring Go Youn-jung, is a derivative of the popular show “Hospital Playlist”. It portrays the authentic and relatable experiences of doctors and residents at a university hospital, including their chaotic friendships.”

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