Fans express frustration over SM Entertainment’s lack of promotions for Red Velvet’s comeback.

Despite it being the end of June, articles about Red Velvet’s comeback have only recently begun to surface in a limited quantity. This announcement is unimpressive, especially since it marks the group’s 10th anniversary comeback.

Furthermore, it was noted that the news of Red Velvet’s MV filming was exclusively disclosed on the TV show “Animal Farm”, during which the host mentioned Joy’s absence was due to her filming obligations.

Animal Farm

Despite the upcoming comeback, fans have been distressed by the lack of a pre-order option for Red Velvet’s new release.

The following are comments from internet users:

  • Why does Center 3 (the center in charge of Red Velvet in SM) exist…
  • Is there no employee in Center 3, as nothing is being done to facilitate the comeback.
  • 10th year anniversary is an extremely important occasion, and yet SM is giving up nothing
  • No articles, no promotions, no pre-orders… is the comeback a group imagination
  • What type of company doesn’t do anything to promote themselves like this?

The source of the article is theqoo, which was accessed from a PC.

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