Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum’s Two-shot Photo Goes Viral as Best Face Combination

On June 29th, Suzy’s Instagram account shared multiple photos, one of which featured actors Park Bo-gum and Gong Yoo, who co-starred in the film “Wonderland”. This particular picture caught the eye of netizens, generating a lot of interest and discussion.

In “Wonderland”, Jeong-in’s (Suzy) lover Tae-joo, a flight attendant, was portrayed by Park Bo-gum. A cameo appearance was made by Gong Yoo as a virtual human created by the Wonderland company to uphold the system.

suzy park bo gum
park bo gum gong yoo thumbnail

In the dual photo, Park Bo-gum was sporting a sky blue hat and a red sweatshirt, impressing everyone with his naturally handsome appearance. Gong Yoo, on the other hand, appeared in a gray hoodie and a blue hat, displaying his amiable and laid-back personality.

The response from netizens was full of enthusiasm, with many commenting, “I really appreciate it when you continue to share pictures like this,””That’s Gong Yoo! Thank you for posting the photo,””Their faces together are perfect,”and so on.

On June 5th, director Kim Tae-yong’s film “Wonderland”was released, showcasing the touching tale of individuals reuniting with their departed loved ones through a video call service.

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