Huge Collaboration Between Coldplay and BTS: Watch Them Perform My Universe at UK Festival

According to reports, Coldplay took to the main stage of the Glastonbury Festival in the UK on June 29th (local time) and performed their recently released song “My Universe”on June 30th, which was released in 2021.

The song quickly became a global sensation, topping the US Billboard Main Single Chart ‘HOT 100’ upon its release, thanks to its invigorating melody and comforting lyrics in Korean.

bts coldplay

Before performing “My Universe,”Coldplay frontman Chris Martin openly expressed his love for BTS, acknowledging their current military service by stating, “They are currently serving in the army, so we are going to sing all the way to Korea! Let’s sing together.”He also shouted, “To our BTS brothers, we are sending so much love.”In a heartwarming gesture, Chris Martin even sang some Korean lyrics of “My Universe.”

Despite releasing “My Universe”together, Coldplay and BTS have continued to maintain a strong friendship.

In 2022, Coldplay collaborated with BTS Jin on his first solo single “The Astronaut,”contributing to the writing, composing, and arranging before he enlisted. Additionally, Chris Martin made a surprise appearance in the music video for the song. Jin also joined Coldplay during their concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he performed “The Astronaut.”

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