GTA Online fans ridicule players who wait months for revenge

Some GTA Online fans have ridiculed a player who asserted that they had been waiting for months to exact revenge in the game. However, it appears that others have had similar experiences.

Despite many GTA Online players choosing to utilize their friends in smaller lobbies for business jobs, there are still many who strive to make progress in chaotic public lobbies.

Playing in a public lobby increases your chances of encountering hackers, but the most frustrating aspect could be the players who continuously target and kill others without reason. It can be a genuine nuisance.

There are also players who harbor grudges after being eliminated. In fact, according to Redditor itsKillShot677, one player admitted to seeking revenge for nearly a year, and others have shared similar stories.

“The player shared an in-game message from the little gremlin who had been seeking revenge since December 2023, still harboring anger over their previous encounter where the player killed them. The message also included a boast about having 143 livestream viewers at the time.”

One player shared, “A similar situation happened to me, but my opponent didn’t mention a specific time. It’s truly disheartening.”Another player chimed in, “I’m all for holding grudges and seeking revenge, but this is on a whole other level.”A third player commented, “It’s truly impressive to be living rent-free for over 6 months.”

This little gremlin is still angry about me killing him more than half a year ago..he kept bragging about his 143 live stream viewers too lmao. Some ppl need a life severely byu/itsKillShot677 ingtaonline

Two additional GTA fans also encountered the same player as itsKillShot677. “I actually came across this guy a few days ago and he sent me the same message. I just laughed it off,”one of them recalled.

Some individuals mentioned that they had made a mental note of the player’s name and were planning to “grief”him in hopes of receiving a similar reaction.

“Another player mentioned that they had recently added the person as a friend on Xbox and if they saw them playing GTA, they would definitely join their game.”

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